My Quick Encounter with an Atheist – the Question He Could Not Answer

I asked a man for the time. He told me.

Ready to walk away, I thought he looked interesting. I asked him if he wanted to learn about the 7 Noahide Laws for all Humanity.

He declined. He exclaimed he was an atheist.

I asked him [if you believe so] ‘Where does the world come from? Does it make sense to you that the world was created by randomness?’ He grumbled something, but nothing to defer the claim of irrationality in atheistic belief.

There are no random molecules that could have created a flower. There are no random molecules that could have created a baby. There are no random molecules that could have created even a cell. The first one and even more the second.

You have two types of people or attitudes.

One person is willing to go all out for truth. Even if it means changing their lifestyle or disregarding their beliefs or belief system.

The more common attitude – I hold of a certain position based upon my lifestyle or upbringing – and keep it as long as it can suit me. I don’t question it. I don’t want to change.

The first is the attitude G-d wants us to take. For he knows if one follows truth he will come to find what G-d really wants from us. He gave Torah to enable us to reach that state of freedom.

The media and the marketers prefer the second attitude to keep you glued to big brother – whatever your big brother may be.

G-d knows what’s right and wrong. Do we?

The Unbroken Chain of the Transmission of Judaism


The Jews received the The Torah at Sinai.

A Jewish person who observes the Torah creates another link in that Chain to Sinai.

The Rambam – Maimonides – made a chain from Moses to himself. Others have expanded this chain to themselves in the present day. It is a further proof of the unchanged transmission of the Torah to the Jews till today. Torah Jews observe the Same laws as those Jews who received it thousands of years ago.

Here is the Chain

The Transmission of the Torah

Those who do observe Torah help assure the chain remains unbroken in the future generations – as seen here:

Will Your Grandchildren be Jewish?