Jewish Singles & Shalom Questionnaire


Many Hours Were Put into Formulating this Questionnaire to Allow Singles to Target what is important to them and to Help them overcome some of the ‘roadblocks’ they encounter and to avoid pitfalls in dating to have a fruitful marriage. We Culled from Torah Sources, Marriage Surveys & Statistics, Psychological Studies, Personality Tests and Experience to formulate it. Filling out the Questionnaire – would probably take about 45 Minutes. These may be the most productive 45 minutes you can have in prepring for Shidduchim – because you will clarify your objectives and know which questions to ask references.

A Copy of Your Answers will be emailed to you to be able to help create or improve your Shidduch resume & To help you know what criteria are important to ask for when searching for a mate and which questions to ask references of potential mates to do your due diligence.

Even if you do not fill-out the questionnaire – it can be printed to give you guidance in your search or to find out what you are willing to improve to obtain a better mate. We suggest that before a person gets married – they should reinforce themselves in Torah & Mitzvot. For Hash-m will match a person according to their general spiritual level. The Higher one is Spiritually – the greater a person they will be matched with.

The GOAL of the questionnaire is Three-fold :
1) To Help Singles to Determine what is Important for you in Marriage.
2) To Help us find a suitable match for you.
3) To Help Married Couples Pinpoint How to Improve their Marriages

Please Fill Out the Following Form to the Best of Your Ability. Check as many checkboxes that apply. Please be as Honest as possible for it will have consequences upon your selection of your mate.

The More information you fill out, the more likely you will be matched with a potential mate.

Information regarding you will not be shared unless you give express permission.

We intend to give the ability to edit and search the Database in the future. In the meantime, we will be the only ones that will be able to view the information.

When Search Function will be in operation in Future, Even the search for a particular type of mate will be anonymous. You will be able to see potential mate’s id numbers. We will determine if they are a good match and contact the party you found to determine if they are available or interested in a date.

There are two types of questions on form – one about yourself. One about the type of mate you would want or accept. When it is a mate question – You should answer the question “What Kind of Mate Would you want or accept to marry?”

You Will Be given the choice of with whom you want your information may be shared.

Please Be Thorough and Check All that Apply. If a Question may seem to be intrusive – the reason is some people in Torah are forbidden to Marry others – so we will not introduce you to a person who may be forbidden to marry.

We Wish You Lot’s of Hatzlacha and Siyata D’Shemaya in finding a mate and/or peace in your life. We hope that this questionnaire will help in some way. All the best.

Ohr Binyamin

Mekach Ta’ut – A Marriage Made in Error – Person was not aware of Defect in Other Party only until after Marriage & Marriage was Nullified. Mamzer – Person Born from a Woman who did not receive a valid Get (Jewish Divorce Document) before getting Married to their father. Hallal – A Child born from Father who is/was a Cohen & a Woman Forbidden to Him (ie, a Woman who was divorced from a previous husband, a woman who was promiscuous and/or had relations with a gentile)

Notes – A Person Who is Jewish is One who was born from a Jewish Mother. A Gentile can become Jewish – through a conversion to Judaism with a Reliable Orthodox Beit Din / Court of Law.. It is best to consult a Reliable Orthodox Rabbi – to determine your exact status according to Halacha / Jewish Law.

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