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Don’t You Know It’s a Perfect World?

By Sarah Shapiro

A unique collection of essays on living, dying and everything in between. Explores issues which others tend to shy away from, in a subtle, skillfully worded way. These pieces will sadden, gladden and give much food for thought. 230 pp. Targum Press

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Jerusalem Seminars


Spend one day discovering the excitement of your Jewish heritage.

Is there a rational basis for the beliefs of Judaism?  Why be Jewish?  How can an intellectual person believe in G-d? How can a book that’s 3,300 years old still be relevant?  Isn’t it enough to be a Jew in your heart? How does Judaism relate to the findings of modern science?  And much more.

Sundays in the Old City of Jerusalem.

9:00AM – 6:30PM  •   Call 02-627-2355
$20 – includes lunch and refreshments.



Unique program geared to well-educated, thinking Jewish women. Pursue
personal growth while delving into eternal wisdom. Open environment.
Come for a class, a day, a week, or more.





She’arim College of Jewish Studies for Women invites the women of
Jerusalem to join us for full or part-time Torah Study. 

For information please call 02/651-4240, fax: 02/651-8370, e-mail:

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Jerusalem Life

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Orient yourself with Israel before you arrive. Jerusalem Life will help you to
learn about the places that will help you to experience your Jewish heritage
while having a great time.

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Jerusalem Tour Guide


“Experience Israel with a friend”

Shalom Pollack
Tour Guide
English • German • Yiddish • Hebrew

Tel/Fax: 02-586-1421
Cel Phone: 052-352-724

Youth Hostel

Heritage House.
Your Home in Jerusalem.

  • Located in the Old City of Jerusalem

  • Clean and Comfortable

  • Open to Jewish Student Travelers

  • Friendly People

  • Intriguing Classes

  • Shabbat Hospitality


Hostel Opens Sun-Thurs
7-9 AM, 5 PM-12 AM; Fri 3 PM – Winter, 4 PM – Summer

Call 02-627-1916 or email

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