Quotes About Ohr Binyamin

Actual Quotes from People Receiving Our FREE Judaica:

“Thank you so much. I wish I would have met you 10 years ago.”

  • Woman in Queens

I am so excited to use the card to say the blessings when I go out to dinner
with my parents.”

  • Young Woman in Manhattan

Its heartwarming to see that one woman in my class was carrying one of
your cards in her wallet.”

  • Rebbitzen from Manhattan Synagogue

Thank you. [for the bracha card] Now I can impress my Frum niece when I go out to dinner.”

  • Magician

Sometimes just giving something small to soldier like a piece of Bazooka gum will make to a soldier… I will give them your cards.”

  • Jewish Chaplain US Navy

I will start lighting candles after all these years.”

  • French Woman , Holocaust survivor, from Manhattan.

I put the card in my display cabinet in the kitchen. You will get a merit from it.”

  • Israeli Contractor

This is the best place I went to today.”

  • Young woman after Israel Day Parade.

I bought the book you recommended.”

  • UPS man.

Since you gave me the Bracha card I say the blessings when I eat.”

  • Woman from Manhattan

For years I felt like an empty shell of a person until you gave me these Jewish
materials. Now I feel life again.”

  • Elderly Woman from Forest Hills, Holocaust Survivor

You made my day with all these cards.”

  • Young man on Queens bus

I myself can use this card.”

  • Young man wearing Kippah working in Queens Hospital.

I will come to the synagogue to start learning.”

  • Manhattan Resident

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