Defining Humanity – The Seven Noahide Laws for All Nations & World Peace

The Kindness of G-d

G∙D Does Great Kindness To Us Each Day. He gives us life, food, air, shelter & clothes. G∙d gave Jews His Law, the Torah at Sinai, that provides 7 Laws for all Humanity, for a peaceful world. Only once in History did a Nation of millions of people hear G∙d & witness the giving of a Divine Law – when G∙d gave the Torah to the Jewish people. Moses taught detail. G∙d’s Existence is Evident by observing the order & beauty in nature. It testifies to a Creator. G∙d is One, Omniscient, changes not His mind & has no body.

The Seven Laws for All People
The Noahide Laws are Seven Divine Laws for all humanity to observe. They are immutable laws essential for world peace. Hash-m (G-d) gave these laws to Adam, the first man. They were commanded to Noah – for these are the laws that were required for humanity to observe after the flood to assure the survival of the world – thus their name. They were again transmitted by G-d, to Moses to the Jewish people when they received the Torah at Mount Sinai about 3,300 years ago – the only time in history that G-d appeared to a nation in history. G-d gave two sets of laws. One set for all Humanity to observe – called the Seven Noahide laws and another set for the Jewish people to observe – called the Taryag (613) Mitzvot. By following their respective commandments each will receive a portion in Heaven. A gentile who observes these laws is called a Ben Noach / a Child of Noah (Benei Noach is the plural) Thus a Gentile need not convert to Judaism, ie become Jewish, to receive a portion in heaven. He or she must just observe the Seven commandments of the Torah only for the sake of Hash-m (G-d) – because He commanded them in the Torah.

How to Receive a Place in Heaven

To Receive a Place In Heaven, one accepts Torah as G∙d’s true Law. A Jew observes Torah’s 613 Laws. A Gentile observes Noahide laws as stated in Torah & thus receives title of Ben Noah’ / Child of Noah! Learning our own laws enables us to be refined, kind & wise. We discover meaning, our purpose & our personal potential in perfecting the world. We learn how to be good in G∙d’s eyes, ways of self-improvement & how to have a relationship with Him. Everyone can improve & be good. G∙d Loves Those Who Keep His Laws.

What is important in life?

If you are asked “what is most important in life?” What would you answer. Most people will likely answer – to be a good person. What many consider to be good is not what others consider to be good. Some think by hurting innocent people they will receive a place in heaven. Obviously this is not so. Some think by disagreeing with others point of view – that is also not proper. That is not so either. Obviously, one who disagrees must do so without becoming disagreeable.

There is a middle ground.

So, Who is to say what is right or wrong? Or is there really a right and wrong in life?

Most people know by intuition – what is right and wrong. Most people will tell you killing or stealing is wrong. But who determines these laws? The Nazis – acted with much etiquette – but were evil.

Religions say be good but – many have killed in the name of their religion. Where is the truth?

Before Hash-m (G-d) Created the world, He was the only Existence. Hash-m created the world and Adam. Adam, the first man, had direct communication with Hash-m. He knew that Hash-m was the One and Only G-d. The descendants of Adam knew that Hash-m was the true G-d – but felt He was too powerful to pray to. So they started using intermediaries to pray to Hash-m. Eventually they forgot Hash-m and just prayed to the intermediaries. This is origin of idolatry.

Avraham, returned the Crown to Hash-m by teaching the world monotheism – that there is only One G-d. (see youtube Jerusalemlife Channel for proof of G-d) . He is All-Powerful, Omniscient. He Has no body, no physical or spiritual form. He is the Prime Existence that all depend upon Him, but Who depends upon no one. This is the Message of Avraham. Afterwards people disregarded Avraham’s message. This message in it’s pure form continues to be transmitted by the Jewish People, the receivers of the Torah. The Torah is the Only Divine Document, that was given by G-d to a nation of millions of witnesses. No other document or religion can or does claim this. The Torah contains seven commandments for all mankind to observe. These are called the Noahide laws. One who follows hem scrupulously is promised a place in heaven. People who pray only to Hash-m will be answered.
(Commandments below From Eser Maamarot-Hoker Din 3:21 / Rav MePano)

The Noahide Laws

The Torah, given by G∙d to the Jews at Sinai, provides 7 Laws for all Humanity, for a peaceful world. Only once in History did a Nation of millions of people hear G∙d & witness the giving of a Divine Law – the Torah. Moses taught detail. Omniscient, G∙d changes not His ‘mind’. To receive a place in heaven, Jews & Gentiles accept Torah as G∙d’s true Law & observe their respective Torah laws.

Finding the Answers

A seemingly simple question : “Why is it basically permitted to kill animals, yet it is wrong to kill humans? What is the difference?”

Ask a group of people and a variety of answers will be offered.

A reasonable answer is: for the good of society is murder forbidden. Other possible answers are humans are more intelligent than animals or because man can think.

The problem with any of these answers is: using this reasoning – murder of the innocent can be justified. If we do not kill because humans are more intelligent, we can justify killing an unintelligent person. Thus obviously this cannot be the reason why murder should be forbidden.

Proposing that laws of murder exist for the good of society is also incorrect. If we find a reason why letting certain people live is not good for society, genocide can be justified. This was the reason for the laws of the Nazis – they justified genocide for the good of their society.

It is the reason for acts of Terrorists – they justify killing innocent people for the good of a particular society. Obviously both are evil. Both are wrong. The point being that any reason given to justify a law can also be used to use the law for evil.

The Reason Murder is Forbidden
So what is the reason why murder should be forbidden? Which reason will not allow us humans to justify murder and other atrocities? There is only one – because G-d has said “Do Not Kill.” If we accept the laws of God, they cannot be overturned or used to justify committing evil – for God does not change his mind.

It is true that G-d’s laws are for the good of the society, but the reason for observing the laws must be because G-d said to observe these laws, not because it is good for society.

Thus it is a problem to create a law that goes against the law of G-d.

Problem of Changing G-d’s Laws
Once Divine law is placed in the dominion of human hands to be “changed” this opens the door for other laws like laws against murder to be debated as well, causing every law to fall prey to being used for evil. This is only one of the problems of the laws permitting – marriages that are against G-d’s law. Society has opened up the door to determining laws based upon the reasoning of humankind – that can now be used to justify genocide.

There are Seven laws in the Torah that G-d gave for all humanity to observe – They are called the Noahide laws (Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noach). These laws ensure the proper functioning of the world.

The Only Time in History that G-d Appeared to an Entire People and Gave a Law
There was only one time in history where G-d appeared to an entire nation of millions of people and gave them a document with very specific laws of conduct – when G-d gave the Torah to the Jews at Mount Sinai about 3,300 years ago. G-d gave laws for Jews and laws for gentiles. In the Torah – it explains in detail what these laws are. A person who follows these laws because G-d gave them in the Torah – is called a Ben Noah and will inherit a portion in Heaven.

The Seven Noahide Laws
They are seven major categories – that with their details consist of 30 laws.

1) Respecting G-d – Not to blaspheme.

2) Being Faithful to G-d – Not to Commit Idolatry.

3) Respecting Human Life – Not to Kill.

4) Respecting One’s Fellow’s Property – Not to Steal.

5) Respecting the Integrity of the Family – Not to commit forbidden relations – which includes prohibitions of adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexuality.

6) Respect of Life
– Not to eat a limb taken from a living animal.

7) Law and Order
– Establishing courts of law to enforce these laws.

These are the Major Categories of Laws. But really there are 30 sub laws. And some say 66 laws all together. The details can be found in a book called the Path of the Righteous Gentile.

The Noahide laws are the laws that people should lobby congress and governments to adapt for the sake of G-d and the sake of the true good of society. Adapting laws according to the prevalent values of the country – that are contrary to the Torah’s seven laws for humanity – will ultimately lead to the downfall of nations. Most societies – ancient and modern – that eventually disappeared – usually fell due to their adaptation of values contrary to the Torah.

Fall of Nations Due to Immorality
Examples abound. Ancient Rome fell due to the lack of population needed to defend the country – for their acceptance of marriages forbidden by the Torah. In the end of their civilization they had to employ mercenaries to defend their country because of the breakdown of the traditional family. Nazi Germany fell due a world response against their evil laws.

When society will recognize this principle – and put the Torah’s Seven Noahide laws for humanity into effect for the sake of G-d – we will live in a much safer society. We will live with peace of mind in a peaceful society – where the burden of fear is on the wrongdoers – “the fear to commit crimes” – and not on the innocent people – so they can walk safely in the streets.

The Thirty Laws

1. FIRST [commandment] – [Prohibition of] IDOL WORSHIP (ie, any other “god” other than Hash-m – the One and Only G-d, the true G-d of the Jews and the world) and included in this are the prohibitions of:

2. Passing one’s child through fire – (Devarim / Deut. 18:10) this is the service of molech (a false god), where one puts a fire on two sides and passes them (his children) between them. (sifri 171, sanhedrin 64a-b) – Rashi there

3. Divination – (Devarim / Deuteronomy 18:10) kosem kesamim -who is a kosem? One that holds his staff and says if one should go or not go and also says people they ask his piece of wood and his staff will tell him. (hoshea 4:12, sifri ibid)

4. Astrologer / Lucky times – [Do not believe in lucky times] language [means] times or hours – that one says day x is good to start a job, this hour is not propitious [or favorable] for going out. (sanhedrin 65b) rashi vayikra / leviticus 19:23. (Devarim / Deut. 18:10) Rabbi Akiva says this is one that gives (propitious) times – that he says this time is good to start (ie, a project), and the sages say one who does illusions (ie, magician) -rashi there (sifri – ibid)

5. Reader of omens – [To not rely on] basing ones decisions on superstitions – for instance those that commit sorcery with weasels and birds (torat kohanim perek 7:2) -if bread fell out of ones mouth [one erroneously believes that it will not be a good day for business] or if a deer traversed his path [one thinks it is bad luck] – (sanhedrin 65b) rashi vayikra / leviticus 19:23. ie, today – black cat passes a person, walking under a ladder. (Devarim/Deut. 18:10) Rabbi Akiva says this is one that gives (propitious) times – -if bread fell out of ones mouth [one erroneously believes that it will not be a good day for business] or if a deer traversed his path [he thinks it is bad luck], or if ones staff fell out of his hand -rashi there

6. Sorcerer

7. Animal Charmer – that one gathers snakes or scorpions or other animals to one place (sifri 172) using magic

8. Warning to the practicer of ov and yedoni. Ov is having dead speak from under the armpit.

9. Yadoni – places a bone of an animal called the yadua in his mouth and the bone speaks. (torat kohanim 7:10 / sanhedrin 65a-65b) (rashi vayikra)

10. Invoking the dead – this might include using an ouija board. This goes according to Rabbi Yosi who said all that is said [in regards to the commandments] in the parashat (Vayikra / Lev. 19:23-20 / Kedoshim) of mechasef – a Ben Noach is also commanded upon them. Behold these are ten commandments

11. SECOND [PRINCIPAL] – IMPROPER RELATIONS – (LIT, REVELATION OF NAKEDNESS) – certain women are forbidden for a man to marry – a man’s mother, the wife of the father, his sister from his mother, the wife of a man. Bestiality is also prohibited.

12. Be fruitful
13. Multiply

14. Homosexual Relationship (males) even just making a document of marriage (between them)
15. Breeding different species of animals
16. Castrations
17. Grafting

18. THIRD [major commandment] [Prohibition of] Spilling Blood / Murder
19. One who strikes the cheek of a Jew.

20. FOURTH [major commandment] [Prohibition of] Blasphemy
21. Honoring the Torah

22. FIFTH [major commandment] [Prohibition of] Stealing
23. Not to delve into the Torah for it is an inheritance to us [the Jews]. This applies to the parts of the Torah that are not relevant to gentiles. But if a gentile intends to learn the seven commandments – he can learn anything that pertains to them. Also he can learn Tanach – Torah (5 books of Moses), Neviim (the prophets), and Ketuvim (the writings).

24. SIXTH [Major COMMANDMENT] Establishing courts of law
25. The settlement of the world
26. Not to have a Sabbath rest.

27. SEVENTH [Prohibition of eating] a limb taken from a live animal
28. Eating blood from a live animal
29. Eating an animal that dies on its own
30. Eating the flesh of a dead [person]

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