Jewish Marriage

Ohr Binyamin is Proud to announce

a NEW initiative to help Jewish singles to be successful in finding the proper mate Based upon a highly successful Jewish singles program – from London – where many are helped to and actually find marriage partners when participating diligently in program.

It Consists of Three Aspects

1. Singles Hashkafa / Philosophy Events

A Weekly Event – One Week for Men and one for women – to learn how to choose the best mate for you.

2. Jewish Singles Questionnaire

Singles may fill out on-line questionnaire to help find a suitable match.

3. Upload Resume

If you want to send a shidduch resume please send to email above with Re: Shidduch Resume. Please No Pictures. Resumes will not be shared with other organizations or shadchanim unless specific permission is given.

Our Program addresses the concerns of people in the singles scene – by
– helping them to focus on the important factors to find in a Marriage Partner;
– teaching them to avoid the pitfalls of finding the wrong mate;
– guiding them to decide on the right Marriage Partner using Torah outlook/hashkafa;
– re-framing the way they view dating and Marriage to allow them to tie the knot;
– overcoming their challenges and insecurities in dating;
– providing an open forum for them to express their frustrations and experiences
– helping them find their solutions using Torah outlook/hashkafa;
– to help them discover their “road-block” and open up new vistas that allow them to be matched with a person that is suitable


A joint project of and MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue

Endorsed by / Haskama

  • Rabbi Yoel Amoyelle, Dayan & Shoel uMayshiv, Lakewood, NJ
  • Rabbi Daniel Obadia, HaChaim veHashalom Beit Midrash, Cedarhurst, NY

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