The Secret to Success – Be Proud of Past to Uplift Your Future

israel-gate-e1399369688529These are the descendants of Yitzhak / Isaak son of Avraham, Avraham gave Birth to Yitzhak. (Bereshit / Genesis 25:19)

This week’s Torah Reading – Toldot – tells the Story of the descendants of Isaak. His children are Eisav / Esau and Yaakov / Jacob.

But it does not mention them in the first verse. We learned in a previous Parasha (Noah ) – that the main descendants of a person are his or her good deeds. When a person does a good deed, the repercussions have far reaching effects.

When the Torah says “Abraham Gave Birth to Yitzhak” – it is apparently telling us about Yitzhak’s Good Deeds.

Why was one reason that Yitzhak was so great in his deeds? Because Abraham, gave birth to Yitzhak.

Avraham was a Tzadik / Righteous Person. Yitzhak, realized this and followed his father’s ways – because he was a living emulation of the Torah. This is one of the secrets that made him great – that he was not only proud of his Father, but he followed in his footsteps because of the realization of Avraham’s greatness.

Recognizing One’s Greatness – Starts with Recognizing One’s Ancestor’s Greatness

Noah was a Great man. All people are his descendants. A Gentile that wants to become great and wants to break out of the path of meritocracy that the world traces – is to follow the Noahide laws.

Jews are descendants of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob. Thus emulating and respecting our lofty ancestors – will help us reach a higher level in the path to becoming great. Our past is replete of Rabbis and Torah Scholars. Emulating & Learning from them, helps us to become greater People – boosting us to levels much greater than the common man.

Like Rabeinu Yona Gerondi writes:

“The first gateway in the service of G·d is to recognize the value of oneself & to understand one’s loftiness & the loftiness of his ancestors, & their greatness, & their importance & their being beloved before the Creator, Blessed be He. One should strive & fortify oneself continuously to ingrain within oneself this value & conduct oneself with it always…”

Chapter of Shaarei HaAvodah / Gateways of Divine Service in His book Shaarei Teshuva / Gates of Repentance.

The Key to Living – Be Thyself

5211d9b944b43a871b804169d610a13fParashat:* חיי שרה / H’ayey Sarah / the Life of Sarah*

*And Sarah Lived 100 years and 20 years and Seven Years. These are the years of the life of Sarah.”*

*Q: Why does Torah say “These are the years of the life of Sarah”, it seems redundant?*

*A: Some people follow fad, fashion, popularity, keeping up with Jones, what will the neighbor think. Sarah Lived her own life. She was true to herself. Thus she really lived. When one follows their essence – their soul – they truly live.*
Based on Arizal

*Shabbat Shalom* 😊💐🌺🌻

People ask me about Israel. I say in Israel I feel like I’m living. Outside I feel like I’m existing.

That’s the question for all of us.

Am I living or am I existing.

G-d says : I give you life, Choose life.

Torah is not a religion. It is life itself.

Torah is not about doing rituals. it is about being best you can be. it’s about getting closer to the source of life, Hashem. the closer one is to Hashem , the closer one is to life.

The media turns people into puppets.

Making you believe what they want you to believe, what’s their agenda . they condition a person to be small.

Ask yourself about each action – Is it bettering myself or world? Am I helping others?

שני חיי שרה
These are the years of Sarah
Why? Zohar says these were her real years. These were her own years. She lived a real life.

Because she did not attach herself to the Yetzer Harah / the evil inclination, she attached herself to life. Thus it says ועל דא דילה הוו חיין , היא נדבקה בחיים ולכן שלה היו החיים

Some people live lives of others . One person wanted to be a doctor but he is only a paramedic. One person wanted to be a rabbi, but he is a businessman. His parents needed him to tend the store, so instead of following his dreams and aspirations, he gave in to parental pressure.

One person wanted to marry a girl, but didn’t because of his parents. One man wanted to be a successful business man but laziness stopped him.

One person wanted to become a great Torah scholar but didn’t because he gave in to his lack of self confidence.

One person wanted to be a fruit vendor but because of society pressure he became a lawyer. One person wanted to become a Tzadik / Righteous Person, but he didn’t because of his concern of what his friends would think.

One person wanted to become a great scientist, but didn’t because he was to addicted to technology. One person wanted to become a Shomer Shabbat / Sabbath Observant Jew, but did not because he was too addicted to women.

One person wanted to make his family all go to A Torah school, but he didn’t because his wife discouraged him. One women wanted to be completely Tzanuah / Modest in Dress & Comportment, but she couldn’t bring herself to go against the peer pressure.

One woman wanted to marry a Torah scholar, but didn’t because of her friends. One woman wanted to marry a good man, but didn’t because she gave into a friend’s advice who had a grudge against her friend’s prospective husband. One woman divorced her husband who was a Cohen, because she listened to her friends who were jealous of her. Since he was a Cohen, she could never remarry him.

The Torah gives us a way to break out of this costume of a life we are living and start living our dreams. Making ourselves into who we can be.

Torah is called Haim / life.

There is a Story of rabbi Ovadia Yosef. He wanted to Learn Torah. His parents wanted him to tend to the store. His Rabbi came to the store, took the storekeepers apron and said to his father – I’ll tend to the store, let your son go & learn Torah. The father wouldn’t here that the Rabbi would work in the store. He let his son go to learn and he become one of the greatest Torah scholars in the generation.

Rabbi Eliezer son of Hurkanus, was son of rich man. He wanted to study Torah. His father wanted him to tend to the field. One day he found his son crying. What’s the matter said his father. “I want to study Torah.” “You are passed the age of becoming a student.” Rabbi Eliezer ran away. He became a great Torah scholar. His father came to Jerusalem to disown him from his inheritance. His father didn’t recognize his son when he was saying beautiful Divrei / Words of Torah. His father was so impressed. He inquired about the young man. They told him it was his own son. He said I came here to disinherit my son. Now I want to give him my entire fortune. R. Eliezer disagreed. He was satisfied just learning Torah.

They both left against the will of others to become great scholars.

The first line of Mesilat Yesharim / Path of the Just explains achieving one’s goal in life. He says we have to get clear our purpose in life. The question we must ask is : Am i living the life i want to live to achieve my purpose or am I living the life imposed upon me?

The Torah is here to free us. Like it says in Pirkei Avot / the Ethics of the Fathers.

There is a Story of rabbi A. Henoch Leibowitz, former Rosh HaYeshiva of the Chofetz Haim Yeshiva, who wanted to become a doctor. His father asked why. He said I want to help people to be healed. His father said , learning Torah will prevent them from being sick.

The secret is to choose to follow truth , Truth of torah, and be prepared to lose. Lose your friends. Lose your appeal. Lose your popularity. Lose your projected income.

A rabbi said who is the greatest of the forest the Nesher. The king of all birds. It can fly the highest.

But other birds are more talented. They can catch fish. They can swim in the water. They can do many things. The reason why the Nesher is the king is because it is excels in one area. That’s why the Nesher , it is the king. That’s why it can fly the highest.

Free yourself.

Don’t criticize condemn or complain . That’s existing.

A Person who sends a child to a Torah school teaches them to live.

Remembering the Kind Hand of G-d – Washing Machine Lesson

lgwashingmachineThe repair man called. “Please read me the error code on the Washing machine and the model and serial numbers” He seemed rushed and didn’t have time to come to check himself. “OK. that means there are two parts that must be replaced. I’ll order them and get back to you.”

That meant I had to drag loads of laundry to the laundromat. Put them in, take them out. put in dryers. Lug them back to the house – once a week. Every time taking 2 hours of my precious time.

After 3 weeks of the initial contact, the repair man comes. He inspects the machine and says “the water leading to the washing machine is almost off. That’s the problem.” He turns on the water and leaves.

All that trouble – weeks of going to the laundry to just turn on a faucet. I could have done it myself.

I learned two things. One is – If the repair man tells you to read him a code – tell him to come check it out himself.

Second is that – at times a person goes through all sorts of difficulties because there is a small matter missing from their life. In my case the small thing was that the faucet was not on properly.

In most people’s lives it is that – we overlook seeing the hand of G-d. Every thing that happens is for our personal good. A person loses a job. They complain. They criticize the boss. They condemn the company.

Hold on a minute. G-d was behind the fact that the person was fired. Maybe G-d has something better in store for you. Perhaps, he wants you to be careful not to work on Shabbat. Perhaps there was a misdeed that one did and now one is receiving their pay back. Perhaps, He wants you to not suffer in the hands of the new boss.

Many reasons. Don’t condemn. Look at the positive.

Emunah – the Small Attitutde Change –  Every thing G-d does is for the best. 

The missing ingredient in many a life is Emunah / Faith that every thing G-d does is for the best. This small attitude change, changes the whole picture. From being cloudy to sunny. From being miserable to being happy daily.

The Need to Knead – Rising to the Challenge or a Timeless Lesson from Abraham

img_0380The Torah, the Five Books of Moses, was written by G-d.

G-d’s words in the Torah are concise. Something that can be said in three words, will not be said using four. He is not redundant. Every word is calculated. If there is a seemingly extra word or phrase found in Torah, it must be teaching a lesson.

In this week’s Parasha / Weekly Torah reading, Parashat Va’yera, we find several instances of seemingly redundant words.

Avraham Avinu, the forefather of the Jewish nation was exemplary in doing kindness. His Tent was open on four sides to accomodate guests, so that they would find a door on any side they approached.

He had great desire to do kindness. So much so that on the third day of his circumcision, the most painful day, he was sitting outside his tent in the scorching heat searching for guests.

G-d was speaking with Avraham, when he saw three angels, disguised as men. His desire for doing kindness was so great that he excused himself from speaking to G-d to invite these men for a meal.

He asked his wife to knead the dough and prepare bread.

Two questions – why did he have to ask her to knead the dough? Sarah, his wife, knew how to make bread. Also Sarah had many servants, why should she knead the dough?

One answer is, making dough is the most rigorous part of making bread. Avraham wanted to teach her that if a Mitzvah comes in one’s hands, do the most difficult part.

Apparently, he was telling her for self perfection, through mitzvahs / commandments, doing the more challenging part will help a person to better themselves. It will help them become closer to G-d and they will get the greatest reward.

Because it is difficult it is not bad. One has to rise to the challenge. Life without challenge is existance. Life with overcoming challenges is living. Life can be difficult but still be good for the person.

Some shy away from doing mitzvot because they are challenging. challenge is part of the Mitzvah. Challenge helps us grow. as opposed to challenges from exercise and sport, which can make a person a stronger athelete, Challenges from the Torah make us a better person.

when we overcome we feel better about life and ourselves.

This is one explanation of the saying in Pirkei Avot “According to the pain is the reward.”

Stress Killers – It’s all Attitude

Why do some people get stressed and others do not?

Apparently, attitude.

I recently went to a talk about stress. The Lecturer, Dr. Peter Reznik, mentioned that expectations that are not met cause stress. He said do your effort but if your expectations are not met don’t get flustered.

This idea is found in Torah.

We find it in Pirkei Avot / Ethics of The Fathers (2:16) which was made into a song … lo alecha hamlacha ligmor…

It is not your responsiblity to complete the work (ie, learn the Entire Torah), but you are not free to desist from it.

G.d rewards us for our efforts. Many a time the result is not in our hands.

Worse than failure, is not trying.

The deadline. The pressure of being responsible for your family’s food on the table. The pressure of nagging spouses all can increase stress.

I don’t need this pressure on. so kick it off. It’s in your control to get stressed or not. You choose to be cool.

המעניין יותר שמצאתי הוא בספר העיקרים לר”י אלבו (מאמר שלישי פכ”ז):

“כי כמו שהזמן הוא דבר בלתי נמצא בפעל, כי העבר אינו נמצא והעתיד לא יצא עדיין אל הפעל וההוה אינו אלא העתה הקושר בין העבר והעתיד”

One statement we find that helps us to cope with worry is :

Time is something that has no real existance. The past is no longer, and the future hasn’t arrived and the present is now that ties the past and future.

or One should not worry because The past has past and the future is unknown and the present passes in the blink of an eye.

Even if a sword is on a person’s neck there is always hope.

Belief in a G.d that only does good and what is in our best interests also makes it easier to cope with the daily aggravations we encounter.

Beleif that there will be a positive outcome can lead to a positive outcome, and the contrary. That is the power of positive thinking.

One who has such strong belief in G.d can nullify any force. This is the power of Believing that ‘Ein Od Milevado” – There is only Hashe-m / G-d.

Trump Presidential Victory Predicted in Torah Codes

rabbi-glazersonRabbi Matityahu Glazerson is a Torah / Bible Code Researcher. About 5 Months before the US Presidential Election he published a video showing the codes that Donald Trump will be elected as President of the United States of America – 8th of Cheshvan 5777 – corresponding to the Date of the US Elections in bible code. Four months later he demonstrated the codes again.

How Torah / Bible Codes Work

The Torah Codes are taken from the 5 Books of Moses Text. Using a computer, the text is searched for equidistant letters of words. Like the sentence – “You are a very great person.” Starting from the letter “Y” in “very” and counting every 2 letters – in the sentence “you are a verY gReAt PeRsOn”, we get –  “YR A PRO”.

Code Words Found

Rabbi Glazerson / מתתיהו גלזרסון found the words in Hebrew – “Donald will be elected”, “Seven” & “Heshvan” / the Jewish Month in Which the Election took place.  5″777″ the current Jewish Year. The 7th of Heshvan 5777 is when the elections took place. “President”, “USA” and “Trump” were also found in close proximity.

The discrepancy between the dates is easily explained – one code says it was on the 7th of Heshvan & the other says it was the 8th) The US election took place on the 8th of November. A Gregorian Calendar Day starts at 12:00 AM – Midnight. A Jewish Calendar Day Starts at Nightfall. So the 8th of November spans two Jewish dates – the 7th of Heshvan (day) & the 8th of Heshvan (after Nightfall).

Rabbi Glazerson published other videos and documents on current events including Hurricaine Mathew, The Iran Deal, Nibiru Star Warning – the Star that is Approaching the Earth – that Some say was the same star that was close to the Earth Time of the Flood of Noah, 9/11 & the Twin Towers and many other current events.

He also wrote books on the subjects of The Hebrew Alphabet, Building Blocks of the Soul: Studies on the Letters and Words of the Hebrew Language, The Mayan Culture and Judaism, Bible Codes and Kabbalah, Light Out of Darkness: Surviving the End of Days, The Mystical Glory of of Shabbath and Festivals, Time for Redemption, Letters of Fire, The Secrets of the Haggadah, The Twin Towers in Torah Codes, Revelations about Marriage, Repentance in Words and Letters, The Torah Codes and Israel Today, Torah Light and Healing, Through the Lens of Gematria, What’s In a Name, Hebrew Source of Languages, Riches and Righteousness, From Hinduism Back to Judaism, Torah Codes, The Holocaust in Torah Codes, Above the Zodiac, Music and Kabbalah.

Veracity of Torah Seen From Predictions and Prophesies Fulfilled

The Torah was given to the Jews over 3,300 years ago. As the Divine Document, the Torah – given by G-d who is Omniscient – it contains information on all History.

The Torah Codes Contain information on Rabbis that have lived in the past Millennium. A Study in The Statistical Science journal – describes the research done and statistical validity of codes.

The Day G-d Laughed – Why Jews Believe Only Judaism

img_0377The Music Recital Award Certificate
A girl came home smiling. She had won the musical recital contest. She was proud. She told her parents. A guest was at her home. He said – “Wow. that’s impressive. Can you also play for me to show me that you really won?”

“No.” She replied. “Why Not?!” the man asked.

“Now that I have my certificate saying I won, I don’t have to prove myself over and over. You want me to play for every skeptic that asks me. I don’t need to! I already proved myself once!”

At times a skeptic of Torah says – “if G-d exists let Him make a miracle in front of me.” The answer: G-d does not need to prove himself to every skeptic. He “proved” Himself already once when he appeared to millions of witnesses – when all the Jews heard Him speak at Mount Sinai.

Finding the Wisdom of G-d in Nature

If one observes nature – one will understand the unimaginable wisdom of G-d. In fact G-d knows the past present and future. We know he knows the past & present – how about the future? See prophesies and codes of the Torah that predict events that were to happen in the future of the Torah’s writing.

So G-d will not change his mind. The Torah that he gave – is the Torah that we observe. It does not change. All future situations are accounted for in the Torah. There is a law for a particular situation – ie, using electricity on Shabbat, Driving a car on Shabbat, etc.

Miracles Don’t Make a Faith
Thus new situations or even miracles or supposed miracles do not phase us. A miracle does not change the Torah. Even if a thousand people did a thousand miracles we do not change our belief in the Torah. Our belief in G-d remains the same. Our Torah law remains the same. Our obligation to observe it remains the same.

Arthur C. Clark, said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I add or indistinguishable from miracles. We are not phased from miracles or advanced technology. We are not phased from science that may seem to contradict Torah, for we know that G-d’s truth is ultimate truth.

Some examples – the Torah says in the Talmud (Tractate Berakhaot) the amount of stars in the universe. Science of several decades ago said the numbers of stars were vastly less than the number of stars of Today’s science and the number stated by the Talmud. A person from that era might have beeen in doubt about the veracity of the Torah’s number. But if he waited till today, he would have seen that the numbers of stars estimated by today’s science is approaching the nuber found in the Talmud. The Torah gives the amount of time in a Synodic Month of the Moon. Science has recently come up with the same exact time as the Talmud, known over 3,300 years ago.

Rambam says in his laws of Messiah:

And don’t think that the King Messiah needs to do wonders and signs and create a new reality in the world or resurrect the dead, or similar things. This is not the point (of The Messianic redemptive process). For Rebbe Akiva, the wisest of the Mishnaic sages, was the “weapons bearer” of The King Ben Kuziba (aka Bar Kochba). And he said concerning him (Ben Kuziba), that he was The King Messiah. And all the sages of the generation were in agreement until he was killed due to his sins. Since he was killed they (then) knew that he was not (the Messiah). The sages did not request from him, neither a sign nor a wonder (i.e. miraculous actions). The main thing is that the Torah and its laws and statutes are everlasting forever and ever, and we do not add or subtract from them….

The Jews saw first hand G-d transmitting the Torah directly to them. Millions of witnesses experienced and heard the giving of the Torah by G-d at Sinai.

We do not need any more signs. Even if others make miracles , that is irrelevant to our belief in G-d and the Torah . G-d already “proved” His authenticity and the authenticity of His law – the Torah – when He gave it to the Jews at Sinai.

In G-d’s law, the Torah, He says He will never change His chosen people, for another. he says He will never change His law, the Torah. He will not add to His law, and He will not subtract from it.

The 5 books of Moses – the Written Torah – contain all His laws. He needs no other works as amendments.

The only thing that is needed is another work to explain His laws. This is the Oral Torah, that was given to Moses at Simai. It is now called the Talmud.

Once the Rabbis from the Talmud were discussing a Jewish Law. One rabbi said if the law was according to Him a certain miracle should occur. The other sages dismissed the miracle by saying, we do not decide on laws with miracles. The sage continued providing miracles. Until He said if the law was like him, let a Heavenly voice declare that he was right. And a voice from Heaven said he was right. But the sages said we do not decide based upon a heavenly voice, we decide based upon the principles stated in the Torah. That day G-d laughed and said “My children were victorious.”

Once the Torah was given miracles do not sway us from the principles or the observance of the Laws stated in the Torah.

Logically, it doesn’t make sense rationally that G-d changes His “mind”. He is Omniscient – He knows all the past, present and future.

Thus, since we know G-d changes not His mind, we don’t change ours either.

Tired of Technology. Take a Break & Improve Family Ties.

cellfishtankSometimes I forget my cell phone. After the initial momentary feeling of being upset, I think “Wow. I am alone. No one can reach me. I am free from phone calls. I am free.”

Yes, a cell phone has become a necessity today. Yet, going without one can be exhilarating. Like going without a TV, a computer and just connecting with friends and family face to face. Enjoying nature – without being interrupted by a cold caller.

A study found that social services – like facebook doesn’t make a person happier. But more surprisingly, it doesn’t relieve loneliness either.

Just good old company and doing a good job at work will make a person happier.

Not so surprising.

One idea for better family relations is to turn of the TV. Many children go off the proper path because a mother is more attuned to the TV than to the children & their physical and emotional needs. And their father is busy with the computer, cell phone or ipad or not at home at all, working late.

I find it inappropriate when a guest comes over – and the host is more interested in the TV program than the guest. I would suggest turning off TV when a guest comes over and even more so when the child comes home. Imagine what a child feels – that technology is more important than them.

I heard that some people have a cell phone basket. When they come home all phones are put in this basket to be able to concentrate on family ties.

Some who go out to restaurants put their cellphones in the middle of the table. The first to answer their cell phone must pay the bill.

Jewish people have a gift called the Shabbat / the Sabbath. We put away all technology. No cell phones, TV, computers. We eat together – without interruptions.

Just plain quality time to enjoy family, friends and G-d.

Don’t Have Time to Hate. Love.

russian-alarm-clock-clockwork-universe-etsySome people base their lives on hatred of others.

What a pity for the haters.

What will they have accomplished when they leave the world. That they hated and ate themselves up?

Hate is a waste of time.

What will they answer the question to G-d when they get to heaven – “why did you hate?”

When one hates – they put the control of their lives in the hands of the those they hate.

That’s what drives them.

Poor Souls.

Better to be great than to hate.

The Unbroken Chain of the Transmission of Judaism


The Jews received the The Torah at Sinai.

A Jewish person who observes the Torah creates another link in that Chain to Sinai.

The Rambam – Maimonides – made a chain from Moses to himself. Others have expanded this chain to themselves in the present day. It is a further proof of the unchanged transmission of the Torah to the Jews till today. Torah Jews observe the Same laws as those Jews who received it thousands of years ago.

Here is the Chain

The Transmission of the Torah

Those who do observe Torah help assure the chain remains unbroken in the future generations – as seen here:

Will Your Grandchildren be Jewish?