Jerusalem Seminar

 Jerusalem Seminars

Science, Bible Codes & Torah
I’ve heard that there is a program of lectures about the Bible Codes and the relationship of Science to the Torah, but I forget its name.

You must be speaking about the Discovery Seminar by Aish HaTorah. The Discovery Seminar, held in its Center not far from the Kotel in the Old City, is a full-day seminar for men and women which addresses the question, “Why be Jewish?” It examines the validity of Torah  by way of logical analysis and a scientific perspective. The seminar also offers classes about the popular Bible codes and other fascinating subjects, such as Dating and Marriage, Judaism & Science, Proofs of Torah Authenticity, Family Relationships and more. Aish HaTorah also offers shorter seminars on “Genesis & the Big Bang”, “The Five Levels of Pleasure”, “World Perfect – The Jewish Impact on Civilization”, “Why the Jews?”, “Love, Dating & Marriage” and a “Crash Course in Jewish History”

Contact Aish HaTorah at Tel: 02-627-2355 and ask to enroll in the Discovery Seminar. Discovery Seminars, 70 Misgav
Ladach, P.O.B. 14149, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem 91141 Israel, Fax: (02) 627-7742, Web:, or e-mail them at:  It has a small entrance fee. Some programs are also offered in other countries.


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