Lighting Up Lives with Torah

Advisory Board:
Rosh HaYeshiva Naftoli
Jeagar, Rosh HaYeshiva Shor Yoshuv

Former Board Member:
Rabbi Zecharia Mines, Rosh HaYeshiva
Yeshiva Chayai Dovid

Board Members:

Rabbi Haim Alcabes, Hebrew Academy of West Queens

Matatia Chetrit, MJO

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We Assist People to Discover Torah & Uncover their Potential

Activities Outreach Division
Shabbat Care Package Distribution
Free Torah Lessons On-Board with Refreshments
English Mobile Torah Library
Jewish School & Scholarship Referral
Shabbat Hospitality Referral

Publication Division
Translation & Publication of Classic Jewish Works like Pirkei Avot / Ethics of Fathers, Ahavat Yisrael/ Love Your Fellow Jew
Laminated Shema, Asher Yatzar Charts, Bracha Cards, 13 Principles of Rambam, 6 Constant Mitzvot, Mitzvah Charts
Websites :,

Beit Midrash & Daily Prayer Services

Please Include Ohr Binyamin in Your Contribution List.

Your Fellow Jews are Counting on You.

Dear Friend,

Ohr Binyamin’s uses a Successful Solution for Jewish Continuity and
the Geula: We distribute FREE Judaica to all Jews. 

It’s So Simple

It’s so easy to hand someone a card that will help them observe a Mitzvah immediately, we encourage all to do so. It’s the ultimate kindness – for you help them to establish a relationship with the Creator – giving them more meaning in
life. You see the overwhelming appreciation in their eyes. If one person will start saying Brachot because you gave them a Bracha Card, your reward is unimaginable. Surely someone you know could use our FREE Judaica. Please order from us to help them. If everyone does, we will help to bring the Geula.

Our Successes

Our successes in Jewish Outreach: Many start reciting Brachas on food when we give them our Bracha cards. Young Couples and Holocaust Survivors start lighting Candles again when we give them a Shabbat Care Package. We helped many start saying Brachas by giving away our Judaica in Restaurants, Synagogues, Judaica Stores, the street, JEP & on College Campuses. Our Secret:

A Jew wants to do Mitzvot – You just have to give them a helping hand.

Give the Gift of Happiness

A recent Gallup Survey found that Jews Observing the Torah have the highest rate of Wellbeing of any group in America. (see Mishpacha Magazine, June 20, 12). When you give a Bracha card and give us a donation you actually are giving the gift of Happiness. And it
will be returned in kind. Please take a moment to fill out both sides of the Form. One side is to receive FREE Judaica and the other is to make a donation. Your generosity will enable us to continue help our fellow Jews to find true happiness. Please stay in touch with us – our coordinates are below. May your hearts good wishes be granted. May you & your family be blessed with happiness, good health, abundance, long life and all the best.


Dear Friends,

I would like the merit that hundreds of Jewish people from all backgrounds will receive FREE Judaica and Torah lessons to educate them in our noble and beautiful Torah heritage.

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Other Ways to Give:

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Put us on your selected charity on Amazon Smile <b><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>- click Here. </a></b>Amazon smile allows you to choose a charity to give a donation based upon a percentage of your purchases. Every time you buy you can do a Mitzvah – <b><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>by automatically giving to Ohr Binyamin.</a></b>


Doing What We Can to Bring the Redemption – One Person at a Time

We Provide Free Torah Lessons to “Children” of All Ages – from 0-120

We Provide Free Shabbat Candles and Holders to Jewish People of All Backgrounds

We Provide Candy and Other Material with our Hearts

Every Jewish Child & Adult Deserves a Torah Education

• • •

Every Jewish Child & Adult Deserves a Torah Education - The Ohr Binyamin Torah Mobile

Every Jewish Child & Adult Deserves a Torah Education – The Ohr Binyamin Torah Mobile

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