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Sivan ’78 / Jun ’18

Ohr Binyamin came out with two new cards – the caring Jewish Mother Card & The YES I CAN card.

Ohr Binyamin sends out 100 Free Siddurs for a Congregation & Jewish Inmates in Indiana.

Ohr Binyamin attended Israel Day Parade – giving out free water bottles to all and over 100 Shabbat Candle Lighting Kits to Jewish participants.

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Sivan ’78 / May ’18

Ohr Binyamin is working on a New Jewish Card Game Version 1.0.

Ohr Binyamin is working on Version 6.0s of the Alef-Bet Coloring Book. It will contain new puzzles

Ohr Binyamin came out with a New Lag BaOmer Coloring Book – Just in Time for Lag Baomer 5778. Version 1.0 Includes games, puzzles & coloring fun.


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