God Will Open Doors for You

It was a windy day. I was walking down the alley to enter a building. The Door swung open, I walked right in. The Door closed. No – it wasn’t an automatic door – the wind blew it open.

I attended a fund raising seminar given by Rabbi and Executive Director of Aish HaTorah, New York – Rabbi Yitzi Greenman. Once he was in the office of a wealthy individual. The man said to him – “Okay Rabbi what do you want? How much Ten-Thousand? a Hundred Thousand?” The rabbi responded – “I don’t want your money.” The rich man was surprised. “You came here to raise money. So what do you really want?” The rabbi responded “I want you. If I have you, you will give me the money that I need for my organization.”

Many people in the world have problems. Others seem to be blessed by God. Even though they do not have a large combined salary – make ends meet. Their children are successful and respectful. Their prayers are answered. They lead a happy life.

What’s the difference between these types of people?

The simple answer is found in parasha / Torah Reading of Teruma. It says there (Shemot / Exodus 25:2) – “And you shall take for Me a portion…” God tells Moses to ask the Jewish people who give a donation for the Tabernacle – where the Divine Presence rested. Instead of saying “Give Me a portion” it Says “Take for Me.” In the Hebrew it can be read as “Take Me.” And end of the verse it states “Take My Portion.” Apparently one who “acquires” Hash-m / G-d, G-d Will do the bidding of that person.

It says in Ethics of the Fathers / Pirkei Avot chapter 2:4 regarding – Doing the Will of Hash·m:

He (Rabban Gamliel) used to say, make His [G·d’s / Hash·m’s] will as your will in order that He will make your will as His will. Nullify your will before His will in order that He will nullify the will of others because of your will.

How does one “acquire” Hash-m / G-d? It states the answer further on in the parasha – “You shall make Me a sanctuary and I will dwell among you.” (Shemot / Exodus 25:8) If one makes his house or himself into a “sanctuary” – a place of purity, a place where Torah is the foundation, a place where the family observes Shabbat together – one will be able to “acquire” G-d. If one acquires G-d, G-d opens up his unlimited bank account of blessing to that person.

What are the foundations of the Torah? For Jews – it is observing the code of Jewish law / Shulchan Aruch. For Gentiles it is observing the Seven Noahide laws from the Torah.

It is also acquired by following Daat Torah / Torah philosophy. One has an important question, one asks the opinion a great Torah sage. Doing so he or she attaches him or her self to the Torah and thus to God.

If one has a question of which school should one place their children – a Public School or a Torah Day School; whether a potential mate would make a good marriage partner; which community is good for a Jewish family to live – consulting a great Torah scholar is in Order. They will lead you to the right direction – and to ultimately a happy life.

Pray for truth
Once an African American Lady had an appointment with my friend – an Optometrist. She exclaimed happily that she was following the Seven Noahide laws from the Torah. He asked her what made her take that decision? She replied – her former “god” did not answer her prayers. When she prayed to Hash-m / G-d of the Jewish People, He would answer. That’s when she decided to follow the Seven Noahide laws from the Torah.

Wisdom of a Torah Sage – The Key to a Happy Marriage
Once a couple came to Rabbi Aryeh Levine – The Tzadik of Jerusalem. They explained they were having difficulties in their marriage and they wanted to divorce according to Jewish law. He told them to come back in three months and then he would be able to issue a Get / Jewish Divorce Document. Before they left, he asked them their names. The husband responded – his name is Avraham and her name, Hanna. Rabbi Levine said to the husband – do Me a favor – for the next three months instead of a calling your wife Hanna, call her “Hanna’le” (An endearing term – equivalent to Hanna, my Dear.) Three months passed and the couple never came back.

Apparently – the wife received the appreciation she sought and the man – could not get angry if he had to call his wife Hanna’le (Hanna, my dear).

The wisdom of a Torah sage – saved a marriage with one small piece of advice.

The Secret Message in the English Alphabet

English is a derivative of Latin. What is Latin’s origin? Latin is a derivative of Hebrew. Hebrew is the mother of all languages. But who made the Latin Language?

Ever wonder why in English some letters names start with the sound they represent (Bee – starts with B sound, Dee – starts with D sound, Jay – starts with J sound.) and some letters end with the sound of the letter? (ef – ends with f, el – ends with L, em – ends with m, en ends with n.). In the Hebrew Alphabet all the letters names start with the sound they represent.

Just recently a Rabbi said a “Dvar Torah” that enlightened me of the reason. He received photocopy of an essay from a Book from the Herzog Research Group about the subject of the origin of language of Latin. He gave me a copy. The book is called:

מחקרים במדעי היהדות לזכרו של ישראל מ’ תא-שמע

מחקרים במדעי היהדות- כרך ב – מקורותיו האלפבית הלטיני
שניאור ז’ ליימן מקורותיו הרבניים של האלפבית הלטיני: עקבותיה
של אגדה ימי-ביניימית אבודה

Ta Shema / Come & Hear
Research on Jewish Studies – Volume 2

The Rabbinical sources of the origin of the Latin language

Shneur Z. Leiman
Rabbinic sources of the Latin alphabet: Lost traces
of the medieval times

It says that comparing – the Hebrew alphabet to the Latin Alphabet English it is clear that the Latin came from Hebrew.

Here are Hebrew letters that correspond to English

Kaf, Lamed, Mem, Nun correspond to English letters K,L,M,N

Ayin, Peh – correspond to O, P

Quf, Resh, Sin, Taf correspond to Q,R,S,T

The document says that eL eM eN are names of Latin letters that are actually words in Hebrew.

The document explains a verse in Ovadia 1:1-2 – which says:

The prophecy of Obadiah. We have received tidings from the LORD, And an envoy has been sent out among the nations: “Up! Let us rise up against her for battle.” Thus said my Lord GOD concerning Edom:

I will make you least among nations, You shall be most despised.

The verse is talking about Edom – the Roman Government. Rav Yosef explains – that the Romans were denigrated because they had no writing and no language. Rashi there states- that they are denigrated because they do not have their own own writing or own language.

Rashi on Talmud Avoda Zara 10a states- The Romans writing and language comes from another people. Even their books were written by others.

Rabbi Yehuda Ben Barzilai from Barcelona (who lived around the 12th century) – writes in his explanation of the Sefer Yetzira.

“The alphabet that comes from the people who err (ie, the church) …they made 23 letters* that they took from our [Hebrew] language and other letters they found…they have no writing or language for they took writing or language from others and from here and there.

…all their language came from one (some say another) pen.

some of their letters names start with the sound they represent [Bee – starts with B sound, Dee – starts with D sound, Jay – starts with J sound.] and some letters end with the sound of the letter. [ef – ends with f, el – ends with L, em – ends with m, en ends with n.]

Also you find that there are 23 letters in the Latin Language. The 3 middle letters surrounded by 10 letters before and 10 after them – are EL, EM, EN.”

The person who made the language for them – inserted a code in the Alphabet

EL – in Hebrew means – “G-d”

EM – in Hebrew means “a Mother.”

EN – in Hebrew means “Does not have”

“The Message “G-d does not have a mother.”

“For the creators of the alphabet – since they knew that there was no substance to their [the Roman’s & the Church’s] ideas – wrote our [the Torah’s] truth – to publicize and contradict the lie that is lacking, without sense and they call god – one who is a man. Therefor they came and placed them [those letters – L,M,N] to contradict all their errors – and to tell the truth with those three letters – that He [G-d] has no mother – and that is [what it means] A mother of G-d, there is not.”

The creator of the alphabet knew that the Church wanted to propagate ideas contrary to the Torah – so the creator of the alphabet – put that message in the middle three letters.

The Author Brings another source of Rabbi Meir ben Shimon Hameili – from Narbona in his sefer Milh’emet Mitzvot:

Behold in the Letters it is written L, M, N. “G-d, a Mother, He has not.” Behold the [Torah] Sages that instituted the letters- that it is not proper to believe and say that G-d has a mother. This is a great allusion against the their faith that according to what the nations believe in their faith.

The question – the Author of the essay asks – is that why did the author of the alphabet write the message in Hebrew?

He answers that – the author of the alphabet and the author of the New Testament were Jewish Torah sages. They were forced by the Roman government to come up with the Alphabet and the New Testament. So they put messages in the Latin Alphabet and contradictions and irrational concepts in the NT.

He brings another source – written in 1705 by Yohanan Yaakov Holdrikus – in his book.

The sages were put on an island. They were forced to write a language that promoted the laws of “J.” They wanted to allude that all the laws that they were commanded to include were all falsity – so they put a Message into the whole Alphabet.

They made a statement in the meaning language’s letters names.

This is their message:

AB – is Abba in Hebrew – meaning Father [this refers to the father of the occidental nations – Esav / Esau] / אבא

CD – Tzideiwas a hunter – [hunting for food for his father] / צידי

EF – Ayef in Hebrew means he was tired – [since his children believed in “J.” or because he went hunting] . עיף

[G] – his son J.

HI – H’aihe lived / חי

KL – Ka E-llike he was a god. / כ-אל

[their mind was blasted]

Because G-d Has no mother

K – Ki means like or because /

L – E-l means G-d

M – Em – means mother / אם

N – En means has not / אין

[and “J.” had a mother.] He was a Heretic.

OPQRS – Apikorus he is a Heretic / disbeliever in Torah / אפיקורס

TU – ta’uHe made a mistake

wx – ma’akeshhe was stubborn

yz – Yazid – and was intentional sinner

[like his father Esav – who ate bowl of stew.] [from his brother Jacob who bought his birthright for a pot of lentils].

The message above is consistent with our Torah sources. The Church censored the the Talmud. The Jews collected the censored parts and put it into a book called – H’esronot HaShas / חסרונות הש”ס / The Omissions of the Talmud. It includes the story of “J.” (in Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin) The story about him says the same thing as the message  that he was an inciter to idolatry and committed 5 cardinal sins – one of them denying the existence of G-d.

The True G-d is in the Word G-d

Someone Recently pointed out to Me about the “Gematria” / Numerical Value of the Word “G-d” and the Word Hash-m is the same. The name of Hash-m in Hebrew Has the Gematria of 26 (10 +5 +6+5). 26 is a well known number – many people make a multiple of this number as pledges to Torah Causes. They give $26, $52, $260, $2600. The Letter “G” is Letter number 7 in the English Alphabet. The Letter “O” is Letter number 15 in the English Alphabet. The Letter “D” is Letter number 4 in the English Alphabet. 7 + 4 + 15 = 26. Another Hidden Message – the True G-d is Hash-m.

What now?

7 Noahide laws exist for all gentiles to learn what G-d really wants for a person.

The Shulchan Aruch is the Jewish Code of law – telling us the laws from the Torah for Jews.


*Some Latin letters were added later – thus our Alphabet has 26 letters

From Omniglot

Roman alphabet for Latin

The Romans used just 23 letters to write Latin:

There were no lower case letters at first, and K, Y and Z used only for writing words of Greek origin. The letters J, U and W were added to the alphabet at a later stage to write languages other than Latin. J is a variant of I, U is a variant of V, and W was introduced as a ‘double-v’ to make a distinction between the sounds we know as ‘v’ and ‘w’ which was unnecessary in Latin.

lighten up – lightening your load physically, emotionally and spiritually


my shift-keys are not working.

thus i type lower case.

it’s ok.

it makes things easier.

there are ways to get around it. copy capital letters from other places. PUT ON CAPS LOCK. change the case in the word processor.

everything is good. even this.

i’ll deal with it eventually.

but now i’m happy. no need to shift.

G-d is good. He feeds the whole world. He sends our income and sustenance. He also sends difficulties and challenges. but all is for the good.

some people act like donkeys – not in the pejorative sense – but they take one problem and put it on their back. another one comes along. they hold on to the other problem. another. until the straw comes and breaks the ‘camel’s’ back. they snap.

it’s not supposed to be that way. G-d sends us challenges for our ultimate good. problems are like detours in the road that ultimate lead you to the good path.

a person should generally be happy with life. that should be their general mood – be happy. don’t worry – be happy is a Torah concept in 4 words.

so how does a person lighten up. bills are piling up. no job. no spouse. no income. no friends. what now. [the period should be a question mark. sorry – the shift problem.]

lightening up is easy. there are three venues – the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

why be concerned about the physical. when one is in good health and shape they feel better. here are some tips.

physical lightening up

  1. eat a balanced diet
  2. don’t eat till you are hungry
  3. don’t eat till you are full – save some space
  4. walk a bit after a meal – it helps the digestion going.
  5. sleep on your left side – it helps digestion
  6. eat light meals.
  7. eat a good breakfast – before midday – with bread, preferably more than an ounce of whole wheat bread – without sugar or sweeteners in the bread – eaten within a span of less than 7 minutes. having a solid breakfast – with bread – will prevent you from snacking meals.
  8. eat healthy snacks.
  9. eat fruits and vegetables before meal.
  10. eat in moderation
  11. chew well
  12. eat in a calm, relaxed setting
  13. avoid too much meat [like Maimonides – the rambam – who was a doctor and rabbi, says]
  14. exercise. stay in shape.
  15. do needs regularly. [remember to say asher yatzar – prayer for good health]
  16. fast once a week – from morning to evening. [even if you have breakfast]

obviously, you must know your own constitution. what your own body needs. consult a doctor if necessary. some people avoid salt. others need salt for their constitution.

emotional and psychological lightness

a person’s emotions have an effect on their health. thus being emotionally healthy, helps a person to be physically healthy.

  1. avoid anger. if one is temperamental – it befits them to read books on the subject – like anger, the inner teacher by rabbi zelig pliskin.
  2. look at the positive in every situation.
  3. look at all the good you have in life
  4. don’t talk badly about others.
  5. don’t watch, read and listen to negative tidings – news, etc.
  6. avoid negative people.
  7. know that G-d is good and does good for us every moment – like a loving father.
  8. keep calm – Hash-m / G-d is in control
  9. believe it will be good and it will be good

spiritual lightness

after Yom Kippur – i feel lighter – not only because of the fast but also because i let go of a load of sins that kept me down. i relieved the load from my back. at times a person feels depressed because of the spiritual. they have everything they need physically, emotionally and psychologically – but they still feel sad. this could be a sign of spiritual deficiencies. i myself know, from experience, that transgression brings a person down emotionally. so if one wants a lift – and to lighten their load – the first step is to know the proper path to spirituality.

some think that spirituality is found in exotic places like the far east, or thailand or india. sorry – wrong address. why. because spirituality is closeness to G-d. G-d only appeared once in the history of mankind to an entire nation – composed of millions of people. they heard Him speak directly to them at the revelation at mount sinai about 3,300 years ago. G-d doesn’t change his mind. so, obviously the Torah is the law that G-d gave to achieve ultimate spirituality. if a person took this to paragraph to heart – they would save thousands of dollars and much time and effort – by knowing that the address to spirituality starts with Torah. first one must find the right path, then pursue spirituality. if they do not, they end up churning water.

i tell you this from experience. i sinned. i ate non kosher. i didn’t observe the shabbat [a Gentile does not have to eat Kosher and does not observe the Sabbath]. i didn’t keep many other laws. when i transgressed i felt heavy. down. out of it. saddened. when i put my act together – and did teshuva / repentance – i felt lighter and happier. holiness and happiness are synonymous.

lightening up spiritually

  1. remove yourself from transgression – Jews follow the Shulchan Aruch – code of Jewish law and Gentiles follow – the seven Noahide commandments – given to the Jews at mount sinai in the Torah for all humanity to follow.
  2. do teshuva / repentance – the steps to teshuva include – 1. cessation – stopping doing the misdeed. 2. commitment – firm resolve never to repeat the deed. 3. regret – sincere remorse for wrong one did. 4. confession verbally admitting to G-d / Hash-m the wrong one did and asking forgiveness.
  3. learn torah – have a regular schedule to learn Torah through attending lectures, reading books, listening to audio etc. see the links sections
  4. eat kosher – eating kosher purges negative spirituality from one’s system. guard the mouth.
  5. avoid transgressions involving desires of the body. – ie, guard the eyes, the heart, the touch. celibacy is good to purge negativity and desire from one’s system. a person celibate can make a better decision for a marriage partner.
  6. purity in thought – think pure thoughts allows you to lighten your attachment to the physical.
  7. avoid listening and talking badly about others
  8. physicality can be used for spiritual or holiness. one should choose to use it the proper way. physicality can be used to bring a person up or down. a person eats Kosher food – brings himself up. a person who eats pork and non-kosher food brings themselves down spiritually.
  9. go to the mikve – purifying waters
  10. for married couples – keep family purity laws
  11. women – keep laws of tzniut. tzniut is loosely defines as modesty. it entails laws of how a Jewish daughter dresses. today’s society’s motto is dress to impress. to tell you the truth – i don’t need that pressure. remove that pressure – you remove a load. you would rather have a person appreciate you for your innner quality and beauty – rather than your outer garments – that have nothing to do with your inner self.
  12. do kindness with others – when you do you feel better about yourself and feel purpose in life
  13. know your purpose and pursue it – you have a particular purpose – find it out and go full speed ahead to achieve it
  14. keep yourself occupied with doing good for others. actively pursue doing good – according to Torah. If you are not sure if an activity you are involved with is good according to Torah – ask a competent, reputable orthodox rabbi.
  15. have a close relationship with G-d – call out to Him for anything. ask Him for all you need. express yourself to Him. ask Him to direct you, guide you, show you the proper path in life, protect you. He is your loving father. you always have someone who loves you, will listen to you, and will help you through any ordeal or concern – no matter how big or small. you can never ‘bother’ G-d / Hash-m. He always answers anyone who calls out to him sincerely.
  16. solve your problems – don’t complain. take action to improve your lot. at times G-d sends difficulties for a person to become closer to him. resolving to follow in His ways can solve problems two-fold. one – G-D no longer has any reason to send you difficulties – if you are following his path. two – following the torah path helps a person avoid difficulties. a example is a person who eats Kosher will likely not get swine-flu. or a person who is celibate will not likely not get herpes. or a person who keeps Shabbat – will have better family relations – because they eat meals together at least once a week.
  17. be happy with what you have.
  18. be thankful to G-d and to people around you
  19. have a positive attitude
  20. Have emunah and bitachon in Hashem – having faith that G-D is good and does only good to you – is one way to lighten your load. read the book ‘living emunah – a guide to serenity in daily living’ – first and second edition – by david ashear is an excellent book to help a person built this attitude.

G-d wants you to be happy. you just have to believe in Him and yourself and your half-way there to lightening up your load.

Your Evil Twin – Overpowering the Bad

balancescaleThere is a balance in the world.

Where there is truth – on the other side there is falsity.

There is kindness and cruelty.

Holiness and there is a void of holiness.

Spirituality and materialism.

Purity & impurity.

G-d made it such so that one will be able to use one’s freedom of choice to choose.

There is good and evil.

One chooses to be good or evil.

Once Rabbi Aaron Monsonego was bothered by why many holy books / sefarim of Morocco were lost. They were either burned or lost from circulation. He read in the Sefer / book of R. Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe (possibly his work ‘Divrei Yoel’) – that holy books may be lost from circulation because if they were to be published – a book of heresy would also have to be published to balance this Holiness out. To prevent such great heretical books to be published – that would lead people astray from the good path of Torah – G-d prevented great holy books from being published. The Rabbi was appeased with this answer.

I once heard a story that some people have an evil twin that do things evil. I forgot the details – but I do remember that it was a great Rabbi – that an Arab Sultan saw him wandering on the temple mount in Jerusalem – a practice forbidden to Jews – because we must go up to the temple mount in a high state of purity – and we will not have the capability to reach that high state until the Messiah comes and we find the Red Heifer. The rabbi told him that that was his evil twin.

Each person has a person matched with them that is either of good – if one is evil, or evil if one is good – apparently to keep the balance in the world.

I once heard from a Rabbi that Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld, the founder of Shor Yoshuv Yeshiva – was interested in Russian News. Once he saw that the Iron Curtain fell. He said that he had a counterpart in Russia – and that it was possible that his good deeds had an effect in causing the Iron curtain to fall.

Apparently the more good we do nullifies the power of the evil counterpart. Apparently if we fall into the trap of evil, then evil is given more power.

Inside a person is a good inclination and an evil inclination. This is to balance the choice. The more one overcomes evil – the stronger his or her “good” muscles become.

Apparently certain people are given qualities. They can be used for good or evil.

A person can be intelligent – they can use the intelligence to learn Torah or become a heretic.

A person can be good hearted – they can use that to do kindness or be kind to those who must be punished.

Some are emotional – they can feel for others or getting angry.

Some people are tried with money – one can be generous or stingy.

You are good.

G-d gave us the guidebook on what it means to be good – the Torah.

Jews have the 613 commandments. Gentiles have the 7 Noahide laws.

It is up to us to choose the good.