What G-d Really Wants From You – the Four Questions

Person is Body & Soul
A person is comprised of a body and soul. The soul itself is comprised of parts – a lofty part that desires spirituality and closeness to G-d. Another part has earthly desires, to eat, drink, etc. It must be That there is a soul in a body. A body without a soul is an inanimate object, like a chair that doesn’t think or grow. One’s main essence is their soul, for one’s thoughts emanate from there.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality must be defined. We will define it as developing a closeness with G.d. Apparently to develop closeness one must know what G.d wants. One becomes close to another by doing things that the other wants.

Know Your Destination in Life
People travel. Some explain, because they seek something spiritual.
Before one goes on a journey, they should know where they
are going. We are all going on the Journey of Life. It behooves us to
know that our destination is the next world. It thus makes sense to find
out the directions to get there. Thus here are four simple questions
that any rational person can answer to get to the truth.
Is it possible to Arrive at Existence of G-d Rationally?
Some people believe in G.d, some know there is a G.d, some don’t. There are thousands of religions – how does one choose the right one?
Apparently G.d has one law. What is that law?
Apparently G.d made it possible for a person to find out the right law. How do we find the right law?

Apparently G-d not only made it possible, but easy for any person in the world to find the true will of G-d. It must be so. One of the 13 principles of the Judaism – is that G-d will reward the righteous & punish the evil – possibly in this world or the next. If one cannot easily find out the true Will of G-d, when one arrives in the next world & G-d will say for instance “why did you steal?” he will be able to get out of it by saying – sorry I never knew that stealing was forbidden. And G-d would have to forgive them. Apparently, it is easy to find out the truth.Apparently, thus, one does not have to know any details of any religions – like biblical verses. At times many missionaries – use Biblical verses out of context and completely contorted and distorted to “prove” their claim. When a verse is talking about a completely different subject – they use it to provide evidence to their religion. Some try to prove the validity of their religion. When one goes and sees the actual explanation, by consulting the Torah texts, that were based upon the transmission of the Torah at Sinai – they see through their trickery. Many Verses exist to show the opposite of what they show. Like the verse of Bilaam the Prophet – He says straight out in the Torah “G-d is Not a Man.” You cannot get more clear than that. Also the Second Commandment prohibits making any representation or image of G-d – anything from earth, or in the waters or in the heavens. It is forbidden to even think of an imaginary image of G-d or to look at a physical image made by humans to represent G-d. Any Image is made for thus is considered idolatry. G-d is limitless. Any physical thing is limited. To make an image would be to ascribe to G-d a limit or weakness. G-d has no limit or weaknesses.

Criteria in Choosing a Religion

The first question in finding G.d’s law one should ask themselves is not “what criteria are important for me in a religion?” Because everyone would then choose the religion that is most convenient to them, which is not necessarily the right religion of G.d. Finding The law of G.d would be subjective and one would never be able to find the true law of G.d because it would be like two people discussing what is a color that is better.
The way to find G.d must be objective. A way that is based upon logic, rational thought, facts and truth rather than feelings. Feelings are subjective. Logic is objective.
This certainly does not mean one should serve G.d without feelings. It means one should first determine what is the right path of G.d objectively. Once one finds the right path then they can direct their feelings and actions on what G.d wants from us.
What Does G-d Want From Me?
Our main concern in finding G.d’s law is not “what do I want from G.d?” It is “what does G.d want from me?”
To find out what G-d wants from us, we must find the true law of G-d. Once that is found, we can direct our efforts towards achieving His will.
The Four Questions – the Logical Method
Now we will discuss the four questions that one can use to find the true law of G.d. These questions are objective. The answers must be logical. If the answer is not logical, it must mean that that we must reject the illogical answer for the logical one. They are four yes or no questions. We will give the possible answer of both yes and no and evaluate the implications.
Let’s take an example question to demonstrate the logical method. Below is a question and two possible answers – Yes & No. Let us propose both answers and examine the implications of answering Yes & No.
Did George Washington Exist?
If one would answer no, the implication would be that all the pictures, stories, history, newspaper articles, art and books about him would be forgeries. It is possible, but unlikely to say he did not exist.
If one would answer yes, all those evidence would serve to support his existence.
From logic we can assume that George Washington did exist.

But that is easy.Caveat: One does not as readily accept the existence of G.d because doing so entails that we would be obliged to follow His laws. Human nature wants to be free from laws. I discussed with an Oxford professor the existence of G.d. While he accepted that Picasso existed because of the proof of the existence of his art, he could not come to accept that G.d exists because of the proof of the existence of His art – the world, nature, science, astronomy etc.

You must decide does it make sense? Does it make sense that all the photographs, all the art, all the history, all the newspaper articles were forgeries? No. So “No. George Washington didn’t exist” is an illogical statement and thus we must reject it because it is illogical – it doesn’t make sense.

The Four Questions to Arrive at the Law of G-d through a Rational Approach




There a G-d?
Nature, Physical Processes,

molecules flying Around.

They Continue to
through random interaction of molecules – including
11 human body organ systems that work
interdependently : integumentary, skeletal,
muscular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine,
cardiovascular, urinary
& reproductive systems.
was created with
Moneran Kingdoms
Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
Gravity, Mathematics,
is a corresponding female species) Perfectly Synchronized
Together, Methods of Mutual Interaction by Intelligent Creator.
G-d Give a Law for People to Follow?
& Animal are free to do what they want without care or concern
for harm or destruction of others or world.
gave a detailed set of laws for world to remain intact and run
smoothly. Just like a company includes instructions with their
products, G-d gave laws to people to maintain his world.
is That Law?
or Religion
by 1 person who had a vision or dream & Propagated by
followers. Millions of Followers Believing story of 1 man.
Thousands of Versions of “Bible” – Less Likely to Be Real Law
of witnesses, the entire Jewish People, heard G-d Speaking with
them individually. One version of Torah, exactly the same
throughout the world. Many Proofs.
G-d Change His Mind About People or Law?
who knows all, knows the past, present and future, After
formulating precise Laws found in the Written & Oral Torah,
G-d “Changed His Mind” and nullified the laws
who knows all, knows the past, present and future, After
formulating precise Laws found in the Written & Oral Torah,
G-d never changed his laws

Many Other Proofs Exist to the Veracity of G-d or the Torah such as National Revelation & Experience of Jewish People, The faithful transmission of Torah throughout Generations, Prayer to G-d of Israel is Answered, Torah Codes, Prophesies Fulfilled, Archeology, The Complete Integrity of the Hebrew Text of Torah – 5 Books of Moses, Things impossible to predict in Torah (No Fish w/Scales & No Fins, Triple Yield of Shmitah)

Integrity of Torah Text & Transmission

The faithful transmission of Torah throughout Generations is a proof to its veracity. G-d transmitted it to Moses, and Moses to Joshua. We have a complete list of line of names of our descendants who transmitted the Torah in its integrity to the next generation. The Rambam – Maimonides – provides a list until his time. Others Have lists of Rabbis who transmitted Torah from the Rambam till our Generation.

The Complete Integrity of the Hebrew Text of Torah – 5 Books of Moses also proves the veracity and integrity. The Law did not change. From the time of Moses till today – observant Jews have been observing the same laws as when given at Mount Sinai. There are many safeguards to prevent errors from creeping in to the Torah – like a Torah must be examined 3 times. If an error is found it must immediately be put away to be corrected. Torahs that were found from a thousand of years ago have the same exact text exact as we have today (see Alepo codex of Torah).

Thus the law has not changed over the centuries.

So A Person Can ask Now: Now What?

Judaism Offers a dual track – one Set of Laws for Jews – the 613 Commandments and One for Gentiles the 7 Noahide laws.

Of the 613 Torah Commandments for Jews – Only about 270 Are Applicable for Today. For some require the existence of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem and it is not yet built. We hope it will be built speedily in our days.  The 7 Noahide Laws are the Big lines. But Some say they comprise of 30 or some say, even 66 Torah Laws.

out 613 Commandments in Torah:
aish.com, torahanytime.com, shabbat.com, partnersintorah.com,
torahdownloads.com, torah.org,
About 7 Noahide Laws from Torah:

of the Righteous Gentile” Clorfene & Rogalsky


These Are the Seven Noahide Laws – Given to Noah for World Peace

They are Immutable Laws for the Good & Happiness of Man & Mankind given to the Jews in the Torah at Sinai ∙ the Only Time in History G∙d appeared to an Entire Nation. Doing them, a Person finds Purpose & gets a place in Heaven.

Just as an architect designed a building, the Creator designed & made the world.

The Torah, given by G∙d to the Jews at Sinai, provides 7 Laws for all Humanity, for a peaceful world.

Only once in History did a Nation of millions of people hear G∙d & witness the giving of a Divine Law – when G∙d gave the Torah to the Jewish people. Moses taught detail.

G∙d does great kindness for us each day. He gives us life, food, air, shelter & clothes daily. G∙d is One, Omniscient, changes not His mind & has no body.

To receive a place in heaven, one accepts Torah as G∙d’s true Law. Jews observe Torah’s 613 Commandments & Gentiles observe Noahide laws because they are stated in Torah. Learning our respective laws enables us to be truly refined, kind & wise. Everyone can improve & be good. G∙d Loves Those Who Keep His Laws.

1. Being Faithful to G∙d – Prohibition of Idolatry/ Worship of Object,Animal,Man

2. Respect of Integrity of Family – Prohibition of Improper Relations – Adultery,Bestiality,Homosexuality& Incest

3. Respect of Human Life – Prohibition of Murder

4. Respect of G∙d – Prohibition of Blasphemy

5. Respect of Other’s Property – Prohibition of Stealing

6. Law and Order – Establishing Courts of Law

7. Respect of Living Creatures – Prohibition of Eating a Limb Taken from a Live Animal

Someone Interested in the Laws For the Jewish People Should Look at the Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Yosef Caro or the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch by Raabi Shlomo Gansfried.

The First Step in a Journey is to acknowledge the need to travel.

Enjoy Your Journey!

Sites for More Info:

Book: “Path of the Righteous Gentile” Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalsky
Book Online: http://www.netiv.net/category/the-path-of-the-righteous-gentile/

Ten Commandments or Seven – Which do You Follow?


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