Your Evil Twin – Overpowering the Bad

balancescaleThere is a balance in the world.

Where there is truth – on the other side there is falsity.

There is kindness and cruelty.

Holiness and there is a void of holiness.

Spirituality and materialism.

Purity & impurity.

G-d made it such so that one will be able to use one’s freedom of choice to choose.

There is good and evil.

One chooses to be good or evil.

Once Rabbi Aaron Monsonego was bothered by why many holy books / sefarim of Morocco were lost. They were either burned or lost from circulation. He read in the Sefer / book of R. Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe (possibly his work ‘Divrei Yoel’) – that holy books may be lost from circulation because if they were to be published – a book of heresy would also have to be published to balance this Holiness out. To prevent such great heretical books to be published – that would lead people astray from the good path of Torah – G-d prevented great holy books from being published. The Rabbi was appeased with this answer.

I once heard a story that some people have an evil twin that do things evil. I forgot the details – but I do remember that it was a great Rabbi – that an Arab Sultan saw him wandering on the temple mount in Jerusalem – a practice forbidden to Jews – because we must go up to the temple mount in a high state of purity – and we will not have the capability to reach that high state until the Messiah comes and we find the Red Heifer. The rabbi told him that that was his evil twin.

Each person has a person matched with them that is either of good – if one is evil, or evil if one is good – apparently to keep the balance in the world.

I once heard from a Rabbi that Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld, the founder of Shor Yoshuv Yeshiva – was interested in Russian News. Once he saw that the Iron Curtain fell. He said that he had a counterpart in Russia – and that it was possible that his good deeds had an effect in causing the Iron curtain to fall.

Apparently the more good we do nullifies the power of the evil counterpart. Apparently if we fall into the trap of evil, then evil is given more power.

Inside a person is a good inclination and an evil inclination. This is to balance the choice. The more one overcomes evil – the stronger his or her “good” muscles become.

Apparently certain people are given qualities. They can be used for good or evil.

A person can be intelligent – they can use the intelligence to learn Torah or become a heretic.

A person can be good hearted – they can use that to do kindness or be kind to those who must be punished.

Some are emotional – they can feel for others or getting angry.

Some people are tried with money – one can be generous or stingy.

You are good.

G-d gave us the guidebook on what it means to be good – the Torah.

Jews have the 613 commandments. Gentiles have the 7 Noahide laws.

It is up to us to choose the good.

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