Preciousness of Women to Hash-m

Parasha Tazria’-Metzora’– *תזריע -מצורע*

A woman who gives seed and gives birth to a boy,… she will be impure 7 days. …if she gives birth to a girl,  she will be impure 14 days.

The more a person is holy, the more impurity they attract. Thus a woman, becomes more impure when she gives birth to a girl. A woman who conceives the people of the Jewish nation is of great importance to Hash-m.  Thus the woman who gives birth to another “creator” has more holiness and thus more potential for impurity.

Her role as a mother or potential mother makes her precious to Hash-m.

This is one reason for the laws of Tzniut / Modesty for women. We don’t publicize the amount of money or jewelry we have.  Things that are precious we hide. Thus a Jewish daughter, precious in the eyes of Hash-m, Hashem thus asks them to dress modestly.

Giving Your House Away for Free – Salvation for the Miserable

A Simple Test

Generous George walks down the street.

He sees a poor man. “Here my friend – take $20 dollars.”

A wheel-chaired man is selling candy.

“I’ll buy $100 worth.”

In the playground, he yells – “Free Candy!” and distributes them.

A Rabbi is walking in the opposite direction. “Rabbi. I love your Shabbat Torah discourse. Please Take $20,000 for your Torah Day School.”

A random person comes up to him. He tells him he lives in a small studio. Feeling badly for him, George says to him “You know what take my mansion.”

George is left homeless.

He now sleeps in the street and thinks “Perhaps, I went too far.”

He regrets ONE of all his actions.

(Fill-in the Blanks)

He regrets ______ _____ ____ _____.

Give 2 Reasons Why.

My Answer –

He regrets giving away his house.
1. His house is his own shelter. His shelter takes precedence over someone else’s shelter.
2. His house is his most prized possession. His prized possessions should be given to prized individuals.

Un-normal giving. Normal regret.

Poor George. Left alone to sleep in the street.

Fiction & Reality

The story is fiction – somewhat.

Really, it happens everyday. On college campuses, in bars, in nightclubs.

What is your most prized possession?

Your house? car? computer? Phone?

Think Again.

In Torah a person is a soul clothed in a body. Your body is your most prized physical possession. Your soul is your most prized spiritual possession. Your values protect both.

Permissiveness Linked to Depression

Societies social permissiveness has given rise to a new trend called “hookups”. It has also given rise to a new reason for depression. Strangers, exchanging more than glances are feeling depressed from giving away their most valued possession – their body and values – for free – because they cave into societies pressure of unusual social mores and a fleeting desire.

Women think promiscuity may lead to appreciation and marriage. Men think they just want to have a good time. Both are mistaken. Both are on the wrong wavelength. Both are hurt from incompatible relations. They build relationships in the air that many times may lead to unstable marriages and wasted time. Instead of building a family – they build castles in the air. Once the glamor wanes, the reality sets in that they are incompatible.

The Torah’s view is for Jews to be celibate till marriage. Once one finds a suitable mate, worthy of their building a mutual family with values founded on Torah and mutual respect and Torah guided goals, the giving takes place. The couple feels a purpose in giving. The couple has a strong foundation – difficult to shake.

The Difference between Truth and Falsity

The word for TRUTH In Hebrew is EMET – spelled Aleph, Mem, Tav. Each letter is solidly grounded – the Aleph has two feet, the Mem has a horizontal Base, the Tav also has two feet. The Word for falsity – shecker – is spelled Shin, Kuf, Resh. Each one is unstable. The Shin has a pointed bottom. The Kuf has one foot and the Resh also has one foot. Thus it easily tumbles over.

Founding a Solid Relationship

  1. First part in a Solid relationship is to know the proper values – ie, Torah Values.
  2. Second is to base the relationship on those values.
  3. Third is to seek compatibility – in goals, values and raising children.
  4. Fourth is to find attractiveness.

Reason for Misery

Misery sets in when one feels they are not accomplishing purpose in life. They sold their values for a minute of pleasure. Following after purposeless pleasure, they feel they gladden the body – but at the same time they sadden the soul. Sadness sets in when the soul feels compromised. A person’s soul is his or her self.

Rehabilitation through Proper Giving

Giving can rehabilitate a person. Giving can make the average person great. Some who fell to depravity or to cruelty can rehabilitate themselves by giving to counteract the bad. Giving on the opposite extreme – for the purpose of helping, not for the purpose of self-gratification – will help them heal. If I hurt someone, let me make amends. Let them give according to Torah values. A person can always wipe the slate clean.

Religion Litmus Test – Step One – Finding the Right Values

A religion that preaches hatred – historically or currently – is falsity. G-d created men & women – who are His children. It makes no sense that G-d wants His children to be hurt. If His children do do bad, they need correction. But G-d tells no one to hurt the innocent – like any other normal father. It’s simple logic.

Many people will fail the justice test upstairs – when G-d asks them – do you think I wanted the innocent to be hurt? Thus values of a couple must be real values. G-d. given values. Only once in the history of mankind did G-d appear to an entire nation of millions of people – when G-d gave the Torah to the Jews at Mount sinai about 3,300 years ago.

The difference between happiness and sadness is the difference between good giving and bad giving. It is also the difference between a successful marriage and the opposite.

Good and Bad Giving

Giving is good. Giving is G-d’s trait. Giving satisfies the soul.

Yet, the happy man knows to whom to give and what to give.

The man who is a giver is a greater individual.

The man who gives guns to a criminal is a criminal.

The man who gives candy to children is kind.

The man who gives cigarettes to children is cruel.

A man who leads a person in the Torah’s spiritual path is kind.

A man who give people opportunities for spiritual degradation is not.

A person who gives thoughtfully and calculating the consequences is prudent.

A person who gives wantonly, without proper though can cause selfishness and spoiled children.

A person who gives of his time to help others is kind.

A person who gives of his time to hurt others is cruel.

Educating children to Love is lovely.

Educating children to hate is atrocious. They are guilty of destroying lives – of their children and the people they hate.

Giving is good.

It’s Good to Give. But give wisely.

Kosher? For Sure.

Our Neshama (soul) which is the spiritual part of life, depends on food which is physical. How come? It should depend on something spiritual not physical. Kabala explains that all food that we eat has a spiritual part in it that goes to the Neshama. Kosher food has positive spirit and non-kosher food has negative spirit.

Eating kosher allows us to understand the reasons for mitzvot.  Once a woman asked a rabbi the reason for certain mitzvahs. He asked her to eat Kosher for a month and she would understand.

Eating develops in us certain traits of the animals we eat.  Kosher animals are usually docile.

Give the Guy a Chance to Save Face

In Parashat Tzav – G-d says
“…in the place you slaughter the Olah offering, slaughter the Sin offering … ” (Vayikra / Leviticus 6:18)

One reason this is done is to save the person bringing the Sin offering from embarrassment, So people won’t know what kind of offering a person brought. We should respect people’s feelings & give people leeway to allow them to save face.

My Friend, the Demon – Banishing Demons from Your Life

Do demons exist? A friend of mine said he met one.

He was in Florida in a spooky neighborhood late at night. He saw a person that seemed friendly enough. He spoke with them and invited them to talk with him & his friend in his hotel room. He told them to make themselves comfortable. When they took off their shoes, he noticed they had the feet of a chicken. He found a way to excuse himself. “I’m sorry – it’s getting late and I really have to go to sleep.”

3 Demonic Forces

  1. Yetzer hara – the evil inclination is an entity that tells you to do the wrong thing. Remember when a cartoon character had an ethical dilemma – a little angel and a devil resembling the character, appeared on each shoulder. The angel would tell him to do good, the devil bad. He usually listened to the devil and something bad happens to him. This concept is a Torah concept. A person has a Yetzer haTov – a good inclination and an evil inclination. One tells him do good, the other bad. If he does good he is rewarded and the opposite if he follows the advice of the bad.

The Reason for Temptation

The reason for these two inclinations is to give a person freedom of choice. If a person only did good – we would be robots and thus we would have no merit for choosing good. G-d gives us the ability to choose the good to be able to reward us. Thus temptation is an opportunity to become greater. Overcoming each one we become greater and greater.

Temptation is here to help us overcome it and be rewarded. Every time we overcome it we become a greater individual. We become closer to G-d and happiness. When we fail we become farther from G-d and our soul is tormented.

Pinpointing the Unknown Cause of Suffering

This is one reason why people suffer – yet do not know why – because their values are not aligned with Torah values. They satisfy their bodies and simultaneously torment their souls. They feel the sadness of the soul but cannot pinpoint where this sadness comes from. They try drugs, psychologists, alcohol. The simple solution is to align ones values with Torah. Obviously one with problems should consult with a competent and reputable Orthodox rabbi.

It is not doing what you feel is good that will make you happy. It is doing what the Torah says is good that will make you happy. Because you are your soul. Some things you think are good are not actually good according to Torah. Thus what you think may be good – but the Torah does not – may give sadness to the soul.

G-d knows what makes us happy and sad. He created us. And he is our Father. A father wants the happiness of his children. G-d does too. Thus he gave the Jewish people the Torah as the guide to find lasting meaning, happiness and good.

A person might think that having an affair is good. If one does – he or she will torment their  soul. They may think they had a good time physically but their soul is “bleeding.” Thus, a person becomes depressed. Not to mention all the negative repercussions that following the Yetzer HaRa attracts – divorce, hatred, sadness, broken friendships, quarrel, saddened children. Baruch Hash-m / Thank G-d, He gave us the opportunity for Teshuva / Repentance.

Solving Ethical Dilemmas

If it was only so easy that an angel and devil would appear on one shoulder for us to decide. We would just choose the “angel” and be happy. However, the Yetzer Hara / the evil inclination disguises himself as the angel. He tries to convince you that what is bad according to Torah is actually good and what is good according to Torah is actually bad.

Thus a person who does have an ethical dilemma, would be prudent to ask a respected Orthodox rabbi of the Torah’s position of a particular issue. Many people are flying around with values of the newspaper or their political orientation or their heart. Sometimes they are on target with what Torah says – sometimes not. The smart person, who wants to truly do right – will align their values to the will of G-d.

Torah Truth – the Million Man Proof

The only divinely given document – witnessed being given by millions of people is the Torah. No other religion claims this. Only Orthodox Judaism adheres strictly to the precepts of the Torah. Other movements and religions – will say “G-d changed his Mind” or “it is OK to change Torah”. Apparently they think they are smarter than G-d. Rationally speaking, G-d changing his mind is irrational. G-d who is omniscient / All knowing of past present and future will change his mind? Not rational.

The Religion Litmus Test

Some people search for a religion to follow. I always give the advice, if one is a Gentile – they should follow the & Noahide laws from Torah. If they really have an affinity for Judaism – so they should speak with a reputable Orthodox Rabbi to learn what how to go about a proper Orthodox Jewish conversion. A Litmus test to determine the veracity of a religion is to compare it to Torah. If a religion is saying “It is proper to make human sacrifices” and the Torah Says “It is forbidden to Kill” obviously the religion is not G-d’s will.

Negative Messages

The Yetzer HaRa wants to kill a person in this world and the next. Thus he implants in him or her  all kinds of negative thoughts and messages – “I am a nobody”, “I am worthless”, “no one likes me”, “I have no future”, “I have no hope for becoming better”, “It is important that I stay with this person because I love him”. He will pull you in all sorts of directions like a magnet pulling metal. The smart person will call his game. The smart person will think.

Overcoming one’s Negative Messages

Regarding Negative messages also – don’t accept things on face value. If the thought enters your mind – “I am a good for nothing” challenge it. Is that really true? I have many good qualities – I help old ladies with their shopping. I hold the elevator door. I say good morning to people. Perhaps its only the Yetzer HaRa talking to you. Discern, what is true and what is your yetzer Hara. Many suicides could have been prevented by a person countering these negative thoughts with positive ones.

Also if you do feel you are bad – because you did something – so improve. It is not a dead end street. You did something bad. OK. Now do Teshuva / Repentance. The four steps: 1. Confess to Hash-m. 2. Regret what you did. 3. Commit to doing Good. 4. And don’t do it again.

Changing Negative Messages to Positive

Some have a personal rule of – every negative comment they make against their spouse or children they must make five positive comments. Perhaps a person should adapt a similar rule for themselves – for every negative message they think – they should think five positive messages. That would prevent many suicides. Being positive, is what the Torah wants from a person. Implant positive messages into your thoughts. “I am smart.” “Help people.” “I learn Torah.” “I help others.” “I am smart.” “I am a good child.” Force yourself to smile. Being happy is what the Torah wants from you.

Overcoming the Yetzer HaRa

The greatest defense against it is to think things out. Discuss it. Speak with a Torah Scholar. Is it really good to give a terrorist nation a nuclear bomb? Am I really as bad as I think I am? Is it really in my best interest to follow a man or woman who is not your husband or wife? Is it really smart to bungy-jump over a river?

Past Experiences

Some live in the past. I remember the good old days. I used to be so happy. I was an engineer, now I am a cashier. I was so happy as a youth… I used to be able to shoot a basketball … Ok. Thank G-d for the past and move on.

Poor Me Syndrome

I know someone who feels badly for himself. He doesn’t have the Job he wants. He feels badly because he is still living the dreams of his youth. It is good to dream. Dream big. But do something about it. He tells you of his dreams and sulks of why he didn’t accomplish them. I told him – change your “Poor Me” in “I Can.” By feeling badly for yourself, it won’t change your situation. Take your life into your hands and start the day anew today. Don’t complain. Do practical things that will bring you closer to your goal. Instead of sulking that you have a dead end job. Take some adult education courses and make yourself more marketable. Sulking is another – tool of the Yetzer Hara to make you depressed and curtail your growth.

The Path to Happiness – Giving Happiness to the Soul

But Torah gives you the path to Happiness. But it is not always the easy path. At times it is challenging. In the long term a person achieves that. At times a person has to purge themselves from the bad.

The Torah even gives a simple formula. Remove [yourself] from bad and do good. First however one must know what is bad and good in G-d’s eyes. Sometimes what feels good is not good in the eyes of G-d. So a religion based upon what feels good or right – might be totally off. Totally against G-d’s will. Thus to really know a Gentile studies the Noahide laws and a Jew studies the Shulchan Aruch.

2. Real Demons – Apparently there are physical demons and others that are invisible or perhaps they can make themselves visible. I don’t know.

In the Talmud it teaches how to see demons. I seriously suggest you not try it. One person who did was so scared he almost went insane – until the Rabbis prayed for him and he lost the ability to see them. Apparently animals can see them. If you hear dogs bark when you pass the might either see you as a predator or they see the evil forces surrounding you. But I don’t want to scare you too much.

King Solomon was replaced by a Demon that made himself look just like him. King Solomon wandered for years until he got back to the palace. When he returned, His advisors did not know who was the real King Solomon. The King – who looked like a pauper – told his advisors – to find out if someone saw the imposter’s feet. They verified and found out that he hid his feet – to avoid showing the chicken feet.

If divorced, don’t start trying to check your former spouse’s feet. They are most likely human.

Once I was in France. I was sleeping alone in a room. I put on the light. I was a bit reassured, because the great Torah commentator Rashi, said “There are no Demons in France.” So I wasn’t so worried.

Later I learned that it is possible that previous to Rashi, there were demons in France. But Since the great Rashi declared that there are no demons – they were banished from France. Another thing I heard – France at the time of Rashi had different borders then than it does today. Thus check out the borders of then before you stay alone in France. Just Joking. Demons don’t like noise or light.

Some don’t take hot showers after mid-night (the mid point between dusk and dawn – not necessarily – 12:00 am), because they say that they hang out in the plumbing outlets of the sink and tubs. Pouring hot water on them may get them angry.

Superstition? I don’t know? In any case, a Jew is not to follow superstitions. So one must sort out what is true and what is superstition.

3. “Friends” who Give Bad Advice – Someone I know was planning to get engaged to a nice young man. The friend who had a bone to pick, possibly jealous of her, convinced her to decline the engagement. She did. The girl regretted sorely listening to her friend.

I heard another story of a woman married to a Cohen. A Cohen is not allowed to marry any divorcee. So, Once he divorces his own wife, she can never remarry him. A regular Jewish man is allowed to remarry his former wife. Provided she did not marry anyone else in the interim.

Her Friends convinced her that she should divorce her husband. Her father-in-law tried to dissuade her. She was adamant. She got divorced. She regretted. She could never remarry her former husband. She listened to friends and lost, living the rest of her life in solitude.

A lesson – listen to those that care for you. Take Torah advice – from those knowledgeable, pray to Hash-m that you find His truth and G-d will help you banish all your demons.

Don’t Jump – We Love You Too Much

I was walking down the street to work. A man was standing on the small tree guard – about a foot high – protecting the grass and tree from people and dogs walking on the sidewalk. I told him “Don’t Jump!” He smiled.

Unfortunately there are people who do jump, but from higher heights. They see life as pointless. Their problems seem too heavy to bear. They feel that people don’t consider them or G-d Forbid, that G-d forgot them.

Neither is usually true. G-d loves all his creatures. G-d doesn’t want the death of the evil person – He wants a person to return from their bad ways. A person can commit to improve and G-d will forgive him or her. G-d will erase the slate. And the person will start with a new day, a new slate, a new life.

I was in such a situation. I was a good looking young man. People used to tell me. When I had skin problems, I was devastated. I became a hermit. I avoided friends and social gatherings. I secluded myself in my house. I didn’t know where to turn.

I finally thought it out – and even though I thought I was “good”, I found out that G-d was sending me a message – telling me to improve. I realized – I wasn’t so careful about hurting others feelings. I realized I was lax in observing Torah. I realized I had to improve my relations between me and people and me and G-d.

Little by little, by studying Torah, I realized that every person has a special purpose in life. Every person is unique. Every person is indispensable – because no one else can accomplish what you or me can accomplish in life. We are all unique. We all have a special role in life.

My role I discovered in Torah. I learned Pirkei Avot. I realigned my values with Torah. Though it is a challenging journey to self-improvement according to Torah. Apparently a gentile can learn their role in life by learning the 7  Noahide laws from the Torah. A Jew learns the Shulhan Aruch / Code of Jewish Law to find their role.

When my father died – I was also devastated. When a parent dies – we make a special blessing – “Blessed are you G-d, King of the Universe, the True Judge.” G-d know what is good. We are to know that all that G-d does is for the good.

I found comfort in that and that other people passed the same travail and they overcame it. They were able to cope. I was too able.

Patience will get you far. Once a manic-depressive asked King Solomon – I am a person that at times I am very happy and times very sad – how can you help me? King Solomon gave him a ring that sad three word in hebrew “Gam Zu Yaavor” – Also this will pass.

Difficult times will pass. Good times will pass. The only thing we are left with is the good we do in this life.

Don’t worry – someone loves you. Either a parent. A friend. A family member. If you have difficulties – speak with them. Suicide is never a solution – solving the problem is the solution. Look for the causes and you’ll find a solution. Turn to Hash-m / G-d and He will take you out of your troubles. He always does. You just have to make an effort and pray.



What are the benefits of living an “Orthodox” Jewish lifestyle?

Someone asked a question on another site. I was tempted to answer it. The question:

What are the benefits of living an “Ultra-Orthodox” lifestyle?

Here is the way I would answer.

G-d created man with a soul and a body. The soul is the essence of the person. When the soul is happy the person is happy. Torah is what gives happiness to the soul. The Torah in essence guides you through its laws to be your true self.

When you are your true self – you are truly happy. No trying to imitate the stars. No trying to catch up with the Jones.

[Orthodox] Judaism gives a person a fulfilling life that satisfies the soul of a person. Thus a person is in touch with himself and ultimately finds true happiness. A Gallup poll presented a survey recently that showed that those that follow Torah are happiest out of all other groups in America. They live a fulfilling life, a family life a life with a close knit community. Torah is the only – divine document in which millions of people heard G-d speaking at mount Sinai. Torah is not religion. Torah is Life.

There are four questions  that a person can ask to find the veracity of Torah and find out what G-d wants from you. Jews & Gentiles can observe Torah. Gentiles Observe the 7 Noahide Laws.  Jews Observe the 10 commandments & Shulchan Aruch. Those who follow Torah have a life that G-d / Hash-m is center of their lives and thus they live a life of meaning and purpose.

As to the difficulty of finding a Job for lack of marketable skills – G-d helps in that domain as well.



Personally, I do not regard by the man-made terminologies of “Orthodox, Reform, Conservative..” . When a baby is born he or she is not “Orthodox” or “Conservative.”  They are considered Jewish if their mother is Jewish. Judaism is also clearly defined by the Torah – by looking what it says in the Shulchan Aruch by Rav Yosef Caro. It defines very clearly, what is expected of each Jew. As for what is expected of every Gentile see the Rambam – Mishne Torah (Hilchot Melachim, ch 9-10). As an aside – In chapter 11 it also explains the requirements for a person to be the Messiah.

Renewing Yourself Monthly

In Parasha haHodesh (Shemot /Exodus 12:1-20) that we read this week – we find “This shall be head of month…”. Hodesh is month in Hebrew.  It can also be read Hadash – NEW.

Every month we have a chance to Renew ourselves and  our commitment to Hashem and mitzvot.  Each month [& day] G.d gives us a new opportunity for self improvement. Thus some do Yom Kippur Katan / Mini-Yom Kippur Erev Rosh Hodesh / Beginning of Hebrew Month.

You are Here to Serve Me – What is Right & Wrong?

When a Child is born, he or she is so cute and cuddly.

You get a new addiction. Addiction to the baby.

The baby cannot do much for himself.

He cannot get food. Cannot move from one place to another. Relies on you to burp him and change diapers.

Basically, your role as a parent is to serve the baby.

Some think they received a new toy, but really they should ask who is really the “master” and who is there to serve?

It is an existential question “Are we the master of our tools or are our tools our master?” A good example is a cell phone. But that’s not the subject.

To truly realize what our role is – we the a look at the Torah.

The Torah gives a commandment for children to Honor their parents.

Our obligation to honor our parents – which means basically to do their will (obviously as long as it does not contradict the laws of the Torah) – teaches us the tremendous gratitude due to our parents.

As much as it teaches us our obligations towards our parents, it also teaches us our great gratitude due to Hash-m. Hash-m / G-d brought us into the world, gives us life, gives us ear to breath, water, clothes, a job, money, a house, a car, everything.

So what does a person do – “I want my child to get the best secular education.” Good. Very Good. But what about morality. What about Torah values?

“I want to let them choose.” The problem is is that children learn most of their values by the time they are three. If you are watching sports – and your neighbor is having a Shabbat Meal with the family – Your child will learn the value of sports. His child will learn the value of Shabbat, family and respect of G-d – doing the Shabbat is one of the 10 commandments for Jews (Gentiles do not observe the Sabbath – according to the 7 Noahide laws.) If you talk politics all day long – your child will learn to be a politician. If you teach them to be kind to all people they will learn to be tolerant. If you teach them to accept the VALUES of all all people – they will learn to be degenerate. Some people’s values are to be cannibles or to do human sacrifices or to do terrorist acts.

People should respect people. But their values should be clear – of what is acceptable and what is not. What is right and wrong? Only G-d Knows.

That’s why He gave us a Torah to teach us proper values. The Torah is the only divinely given law that millions of people witnessed its giving. When the Jews received the Torah at Mount Sinai.

The first one to serve is G-d / Hash-m. Then Yourself. Or others. Do this and you will be happy.

The Hidden Killer Within – Jealousy

Jealous people. What do they want from me?

Jealousy and many emotional problems – start from one source. Low self-esteem. I want to have what another has – because I want a life like the other people.

OK. But it doesn’t mean you have to put the others down. Or make the other’s life miserable. Uplift yourself. Try to feel good about yourself. Don’t bring others down. Bring yourself up.

Jealousy rots the bones.

A Jealous person’s life is not life. It says it straight in Pirkei Avot:

Jealousy, [pursuit of] desires and honor – remove a person from the world.

Apparently a person who lives with any of the three – will end up living their lives based upon others. Their happiness is in the hands of others. It is a dependent happiness. It is not an independent happiness. Others control their life.

But there is another death that occurs with Jealousy. A person, instead of trying to be the best they can be – in terms of improving their character traits and relations between people and G-d – they get caught in the one-upsman game. I have this. You only have that? Creating quarrels but not doing good to the world or themselves. They use their life to seek approval – but don’t accomplish their potential – what greater death is there than that of Killing their potential or creativity or Torah development for silly quarrels?

Be happy with what you have. Be happy with yourself. Improve Yourself. Don’t put down others. Make yourself better. And be happy with who you are.

One reason why people are unhappy – is because a person is composed of a soul and a body. A body has no desires. It is a physical object that is being given life by a soul provided by Hash-m.

The soul is comprised of several souls. There is a soul that is more geared towards – materialism. And other souls that are more spiritual in nature.

If a person feels depressed, it might be a sign that they need to uplift their soul – with more spiritual pursuits. Like to do kindness and follow Torah.

The best place to start is to learn the Noahide laws for a Gentile or to learn the Shulchan Aruch / Code of Jewish law for Jews.

Lifting up your soul – will lift up your morale and you will not seek approval from others – but rather seek approval from Hash-m / G-d.