The Proper Reaction to Antiemitism

At a wedding, a family member told me of some insulting comments towards Jews by some musician. I forgot his name.

He said it was important to let people know that Jews are good and to rebuff the Anti-semetic rhetoretic spewed by those Anti-semetic people.

So I told him that when you want to solve a problem, you try to find solutions to the root causes of the problem, rather than the symptoms. The Anti-semetic rhetoretic is a symptom. Apparently by trying to prove that the rhetoric they say is not true, you give credibility to their argument. You give their voice credibility.

Why does the Good G-d allow Antisemetic acts? To awaken Jews to remind them that they are Jews. So Let’s Awaken. A good article on the subject is : on – named Dear Antisemites, Thank You

If G-d is sending us a personal message – I would like to tune in.

What are Ethics.

I was thinking – who does ethics belong to? Really – it’s Hash-m’s world – so it is not for me to say what is right or wrong. It’s for me to understand what G-d wants from me. For me to posit my opinions of what is right or wrong – in contradiction to what G-d said – is nothing more than impudence. A king declares that you cannot steal in his country – and a minister says you can steal – that is impudence.

Torah Judaism is the only religion that had over 3 million witnesses who saw thunder and lightning and heard G-d speak at Mount Sinai – when the Jewish people with Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) received the Torah after leaving Egypt. Thus – before deciding if something is ethical or not – consult the Book of Ethics – the Torah or ask you local orthodox rabbi.

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