Hospital & Doctor Statistics – Should They Have Checks & Balances & Standards to Live up to as Well?

In Torah it says – you shall surely guard your soul. One Meaning is – you should do your utmost to be, and remain healthy.

I was discussing the Covid era. Some Hospitals were marking the cause of certain non-covid related deaths as Covid-related. For Covid patients – they might have received $50,000 dollars per patient from the government.

I heard one hospital reported a Covid related death – when a person fell from a ladder.

OK. They can Report what they want. But there should be a consequence or a check and balance. For instance – let’s say they are obligated to report – amount of people treated – based upon who they bill. Then they would report – how many people healed. For instance let’s say 100 people were treated for covid – and 98 people survived. So they would have a 98% covid healing rate rate.So if they report more Covid related deaths – yes they would get more money from the government – but they would lose in terms of “percent of people healed by ailment” statistics. Thus they would not be so quick to report a death as Covid related. Their income might go up. But in the long term that doctor or hospital would lose customers because people would “shop” for the best hospital or doctor based upon statistics.

Caring Doctors would apply for jobs to hospitals that have high healing statistics. Or Caring doctors might go to hospitals with low healing statistics – to help bring up the healing statistics of the hospitals.

These statistics should be readily available for a person to make informed decisions. They do it for cars – shouldn’t they do it for hospitals.

I think also they should have statistics for amount cesarean sections per pregnancies. If the hospital is high in that statistic – women would have the information necessary to choose a hospital best suited for her needs.


This Post is Dedicated to My Friend Reuven Ohayon, z”l – who recently succumbed to Covid.



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