How to Make Barbeque French Fries – the Amelioration Principle

We get frozen fries. Just put them in the oven – and you have fries that have the taste hot frozen french fries. Nothing like starting from scratch. Start with fresh potatoes and slice them.

The Solution for Good Frozen French Fries

What’s the solution for frozen fries – you have the basic potatoes. Now – add salt, onion powder, Italian seasoning, paprika, olive oil & a bit of sugar. Mix the ingredients and cook at 426 Degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour.

The Basis of Negotiation – See the Points You agree upon

The basis of Negotiation is found on the first daf / page of Talmud Baba Metzia. See what you agree upon with the other party. Then negotiate the rest.

G-d gave the Torah (5 Books of Moses & Oral Law) to the Jews. The only time in history – that G-d appeared to an entire nation of millions of people – giving them a Divine Law – the Torah.

Many religions agree upon that. What we don’t agree upon – whether G-d changed His “mind” or not. We – the Jews – say He did not. Other religions say – G-d changed His mind – by changing His laws or changing His people.

Does G-d Change His Mind?

G-d changing His “mind” is basically irrational. G-d knows all the past, present and future. He is Omniscient. Thus He does not change His mind.

So – what is a reasoning person to do? Take the truths – that G-d gave the Torah to the Jews at Mount Sinai in front of millions of witnesses and now see what he expects of us.

G-d / Hash-m expects Jewish people to Follow the 10 Commandments – which are really 613 commandments. Hash-m expects non-Jews to follow the 7 Noahide laws – which are really 30 commandments.

A proof of the veracity of G-d’s writing of the Torah. It tells you of Kosher animals – in parasha / Torah reading Ekev. It tells the signs of Kosher animals. It says that all fish that have scales also have fins. There was never a fish with scales that did not have fins. A human writing such a statement would – be hard pressed to write that. He would have to have examined every single fish in the world.

Why do religions other than Judaism exist?

The Torah treats all truth. Since G-d gave Torah – Torah is synonymous with truth. People ask – if that is the case – that Torah is True – why is there not one religion in the world? Or why does G-d allow other religions to exist.

There are two basic answers.

One is that G-d wants a person to have freedom of choice. Freedom to choose Truth or Falsity. We have a choice to do good or bad. Choosing good we are rewarded and vice versa. Any reasoning person through logic can come to the conclusion that Torah is the True Religion of G-d. Even more so – a very reasoning person can come up to the truth of every Mitzvah of the Torah – Avraham Avinu / Abraham our forefather – in a time when idolatry was present – was able to find the Truth of Hash-m.

The Torah answers a second answer that people in the past were idolaters. To halp make the transition to the truth of the Torah – he allowed these religions to exist to help people make the transition from their religion – to Torah. Many Religions give basic foundations and concepts of the Torah – so when the Mashiach – Messiah will arrive – people will understand what is happening.

Amelioration Principle

Take the basic truth and go further.

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