Goodness of a Good Tongue & Vice Versa

“And Hash-m said to Moshe… ‘When you sell goods to your people [you shall not wrong one another]’ (Leviticus 25:1-14).” Another verse: “Life and death and in the hand of the tongue”… Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel said to Tavi his servant, “go purchase for me the best food from the market.” He went and bought for him a tongue. He said to him “go purchase for me the worse food from the market.” He went out and bought him a tongue. He said to him, “What is this? When I say to you to the best food, you buy me a tongue, and when I say to you the worst food, you [also] buy me tongue!” [Tavi] said to him, this is the best and this is the worst! When it is good, there is none better than it, and when it is bad, there is no worse than it.”

  • Vayikra Rabbah 33

Speak nicely to your family & friends.

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