The Torah View of Defunding the Police

Apparently when the world will mature – all people will recognize the divine & sublime intelligence of the Torah. The Torah – written by Hash-m / G-d contains all the answers in the world.

Basic Logic Against Defunding Police

Recently, talk about “Defunding the Police” has been expressed by various groups. Before I bring the Torah’s opinion – first let me bring my limited logical opinion. Here is a simple equation – the less police – the more crime. The More police less crime.

The areas in the US that tried defunding the police – ended up with billions of dollars in damage – due to the resultant looting in the street.  During the Covid Quarantine I heard of places where police hands were tied by the government – gangs on Bicycles & Motorcycles breaking, burning cars, breaking into stores, beating up people. The people in low income areas – lost the most. This is anarchy. The police serve to keep the peace.

Police Psychologists

A Psychologist came to our synagogue during the time of Covid Restrictions. He told me that he was seeing many medical professions for the trauma of seeing people ill and worse. He told me that he was also treating people of the police force who were harassed and traumatized by the media & others. The police should not feel threatened to do their job. Actually they are doing a great service to society. And we should be thankful. I personally try to thank the police officers for doing their job.

Obviously police should abide by the rules. They are accountable to act justly also. A proper guide for police to study would be the 7 Noahide laws – to know what is permitted and forbidden according to Torah law. But acting within the limits of the Torah Law – they should be commended. In Mishneh Torah of the Rambam (Maimonides) / Laws of “Kings and Wars” at end of Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 & 10 – it discusses the Torah Laws for Non-Jews / Gentiles to follow.

Police Enforcing 7 Noahide laws from the Torah

The Police also enforce the 7 Noahide laws of Do Not Kill, Do Not Steal – necessary for a proper functioning society.

Torah’s View

There was a story of a Rabbi who gentiles (I believe the Romans) appointed as head of their police force. He was very adept at catching criminals. He was so righteous – that his body did not decay. Enforcing the law is a Mitzvah.

Rabbi Hanania in the Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers (3:2) summarizes it well and through experience we have seen the following true regarding Civilization without Government

2. Rabbi H’anania deputy of the Kohanim / Priests says: Pray for the peace of the government – for if there were not its fear, a man would swallow his fellow alive.

Put Burden of Fear on Criminals – Not on Society

Today’s society – we have people afraid of walking the streets. Billions of dollars are spent for the stress people have due to crime. People traumatized and stressed out by the news. (One of many reasons to avoid being glued to news). The Torah has laws in order to put the burden of fear on the criminals – not to commit crime. Torah laws deter criminals – not reward them. They rehabilitate them not harden them. The burden of fear should not be on the average person – to walk down the street.

A person should feel serene to walk down the street. A wanted criminal should not.


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