Where Can I Find a Kosher Phone?

I remember the old cell phones. They were about the size of a brick. My first was a small Qualcomm device. Then I got a flip, then a Smart phone. I reverted back to a flip – because – through my filter – I saw I was spending too much time on certain apps. So I got a flip.

I tried looking for a Kosher phone – one without internet access or limited access – or at least one without a browser. Took me too much time. Basically – a person who wants a Kosher phone has 2 options – buy a non-Kosher phone and make it Kosher. Or by a Kosher Phone.

Once a person said “I can’t eat that food – it is not Kosher” The other person replied – “What’s the problem – ask a Rabbi to Bless it.” You can’t make food Kosher – if it is not. You can have a substitute – like Pizza with Vegetarian Pepperonis.

Some phones you can make Kosher. But I think the easiest option is to just buy one that is already kosher. It might cost a reasonable bit more – but time is money.

If you want to make your phone Kosher – one organization that deals with it is called  Technology Awareness Group – TAG for Short – they also go by – Smart Connections.

They also offer phones to buy. Another organization that sells and “Kosherizes” phones is called – Kosher Cell. I suggest – if your interested in a Kosher phone – to skip the hassel of surfing the shopping sites to find one. Just go directly to Kosher Cell and find a phone that suits you or your family.

A Kosher phone is a great addition or substitute for having filters that many kids can get around.

The 7 Noahide Laws – A Primer Before Conversion to Judaism

It seems that many people have a feeling for Judaism – Jews & Gentiles.

Many religions accept the Torah as True – but they say “G-d ‘changed His mind’ about the people He chose or the doing of the commandments He gave.” G-d gave the ability of a person to make a logical deductions and freedom of choice. Apparently with those two abilities – one can come to truth. But a person has to be unbiased and willing to give up anything for truth – things that many are not willing to do.

What are Your ‘Chiclets’?

Some will not accept doing Shabbat – because they want not to give up their shopping day. I heard – once – a woman Koshered her house and was willing to go all the way to complete Observance of Orthodox Torah Judaism – when she saw a packet of “Chiclets” gum on the table. At that moment she had second thoughts – She told the rabbi “I don’t want to give up my Chiclets” – until he calmed her down apparently telling her there are Kosher alternatives to Chiclets.

Does it make logical sense to say G-d changed His mind about anything? G-d – unlike humans – knows the past, present and future. He knows the ability of people. He knows who he can trust. So to say G-d changed his mind about His doing law – is illogical.

Did G-d give one law for all people or laws for Jews and laws for Gentiles?

Most religions say observe their law – and if not one is an infidel. The Torah says “Jews Observe our laws and Gentiles – Observe Your laws.” If a gentile observes their laws that is great.

The problem in other philosophies lies in professing that G-d gave one law for all people to observe. According to Torah – He gave laws for Gentiles – the 7 Noahide laws – which are really 30 laws – and laws for Jews – the 613 commandments. The 7 Noahide Laws are a step in the right direction for those wanting to observe Judaism. The Noahides – learn Torah about their laws – and observe some commandments like the Jews. If a Gentile wants to go further – they can always chose to convert to Judaism with an Respected, Competent, Knowledgeable, Orthodox Rabbi – that deals with Conversions.

Following the Torahs laws allows a person to receive a place in Heaven. Thus a person who really is searching for truth – and wants a place in heaven – will investigate what the Torah promises for Jews and Gentiles observing Torah.


Vegan & Vegetarians – How Kosher Symbols Make Life Easier

Vegetarians don’t eat fish or meat, fish, poultry. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals – including eggs, milk, and honey.

Eating Meat Permitted by Torah

The Torah permits eating meat. Obviously it must be a kosher animal and slaughtered kosher – in a manner that does not cause pain to the animal. Crustaceans and shellfish are not-kosher – so anything that is kosher will not contain them.

Eating Honey

According to Torah one cannot eat anything that comes from a non-kosher animal. Honey – however can be eaten even though it comes from bees – a non-kosher creature. Because bees only process the honey with their enzymes – they don’t produce it using ingredients from their bodies.

“Enzymes are protein molecules in cells which work as catalysts. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in the body, but do not get used up in the process. Almost all biochemical reactions in living things need enzymes. With an enzyme, chemical reactions go much faster than they would without the enzyme.” – Definition

Thus the bee is not changing the nectar into honey – apparently it is just speeding up the process. It’s enzymes do not become part of the honey. Using this reasoning it should be kosher. Thus technically speaking, a vegan should be able to eat honey. But I am not trying to get vegans to eat honey. Just pointing out an interesting point.

Understanding Kosher Symbols

In any case to understand how kosher symbols can help we must understand the different statuses of food.

Kosher – anything allowed to be eaten by Jewish law.

Non-kosher – made with a non-kosher animal or its by-products. Milk and meat mixed together. Wine or grape juice that was not processed according to Jewish law. (thus to drink it one assures the wine or grape juice has a Kosher symbol).

Dairy – has milk inside. In Yiddish – Milchig.

Parve – has no milk or meat – could have eggs, honey or fish derivatives.

Meat – has meat inside. In Yiddish – Fleichig.

Kosher for Passover – contains no leavened wheat products or leavening – like yeast. Thus beer may be Kosher, but it not Kosher for Passover.

Nowadays there are many Kosher certification symbols – like the OU (thee Orthodox Union), OK, Star-K, Badatz Jerusalem, etc. One checks the food product to determine if it has a Kosher symbol on it.

A Vegetarian will eat anything that is dairy or parve (provided it has no fish by-products in the ingredients).

A Vegan will eat some-things that are parve (provided it has no eggs, honey or fish by-products). So a vegan who buys parve things will just have to check the ingredients for eggs, honey or fish by-products and will be able to consume them.

The Kosher symbols allow people to know what is in food. Let’s take the OU.

OU has various designations:

OU P – Kosher & Kosher for Passover

OU D – Kosher – Dairy

OU Parve – Kosher Parve

OU DE – although the OU no longer uses this designation – it means Dairy Equipment – the food was produced on equipment that also make dairy food.

Now the OU uses OU D for even things made on dairy equipment. So it is possible that food with this symbol may not contain dairy – but it was made on dairy equipment. Thus depending upon how strict a Vegan is, one might be able to eat OU D – if they check the ingredients and there is no dairy ingredients.

Lactose-intolerant people can also be helped with Kosher symbols – by seeing if a food product is parve. (But it is prudent to check the ingredients in any case)