26 Ways to Avoid Quarrel – The Torah Way

The events of the week follow a similar manner to the Week’s Parasha / Torah Reading. A Rabbi I used to learn with used to compare the Parasha happenings to the current events of the week.

Good sources to learn about the parasha are :

Torah Anytime – torahanytime.com
https://parshasheets.com/ and parasha.com.

there are many more – see some in the links section

The Blessing of Peace

Peace is a blessing. This week’s parasha talks of Korach – who created a quarrel against Moshe / Moses. Quarrel is a terrible thing – it breaks friends, families & people. In this week’s parasha – those who ran from quarrel – like Ohn Ben Pelet – lived. The others perished.

So how do you avoid quarrel?

1. Avoid Quarrel.

2. Judge a person the positive way (If he or she is usually a good, or average person)

3. Don’t jump to conclusions.

4. Don’t assume you are right.

5. Don’t be judgemental.

6. Love Peace & Pursue Peace. (See Pirkei Avot)

7. Learn Pirkei Avot.

8. Don’t enter your nose into other people’s business.

9. Calm down a situation – don’t add fuel to the fire.

10. Don’t believe everything you hear – you remember the game “Telephone” when you were young.

11. Solve disputes among family and friends. There is an expression in french – We wash our dirty laundry among family.

12. Choose someone to talk with that is a peace maker not someone who fuels anger .

13. Take a break from the discussion until you are calm.

14. Don’t involve people who will help to take sides.

15. Choose a neutral mediator.

16. See the benefit that you gain by being on one side or the other.

17. According to Torah, You may tell fibs to create peace between people. That is what Aharon / Aron, Moshe’s Brother did.

18. Talk Softly. (See Igeret Ha Ramban)

19. Don’t instigate others.

20. Look at the common good over your own personal feelings or benefits.

21. Be Quick to Say Sorry.

22. Be Quick to Forgive.

23. Don’t Hold onto grudges.

24. Think that the person that did the bad is an agent of G-d.

25. Avoid heated conversation.

26. Pray to Hash-m for Peace.

27. Think Before you speak – to assure your words do not cause hatred, strife, hurt or sadness.

28. First Love the Person with whom You want to Quarrel

One of the greatest blessings is peace – Shalom.

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