Enjoy Your Judaism & Life. Now.

Some say I’ll be happy when…I have a new car ….I have a new boss. …a new job. ….a new friend. …a new house. Fill in the blank.

A person has sufficient good to enjoy now – that the other things he thinks he needs are not necessary. Enjoy your children. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your parents. Enjoy the Shabbat with them.

Some zip through the tefillah / prayer service – to fulfill their obligation. But apparently Hash-m wants us to enjoy the moment. Enjoy & feel the words and tunes of the prayer service. I personally like the Moroccan Jewish prayer service. The nigunim / melodies bring out the feelings that the words convey – whether in the Tefillah, or Taamim / cantillation of the Torah reading, Haftorah reading, the ketuba on Shavuot, the nigunim of Tisha B’e av, etc.

Enjoy the moment.Enjoy the Tefillah – savor the words & melodies.

Some push off mitzvoth / Torah commandments. Like observing Shabbat. Or keeping kosher. At times because they don’t know how or because they are afraid of giving up their lifestyle or what people may think. But you only gain from Hash-m’s words – learning or doing them.

I have a motto – Do it now – perfect it later. Some want everything to be perfect before starting a project or a new endeavor. I think – if it is a good thing – do it now & perfect it later.

Some failed in the past. They are sorry about the past. They live in remorse. Teshuva – is repentance in Judaism. We feall bad and correct the past deeds. But if one falls into depression or too much sadness – this might be a negative thing. G-d wants you to be happy. The Yetzer HaRa – Evil Inclination puts thoughts of being worthless into one’s head to prevent them from accomplishing the good in life. Leave the past and go on with your life.

Some think “I can’t” – try and see.

Learn about topics you want to do in Judaism. Learn about Shabbat and do it.

Be happy now. enjoy the moment.

Don’t rush to pray / daven – so that you can do something else – enjoy the davening. Connect to the One who said “Let there be light” – Hash-m – and bring light into your life.

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