Who Do You Think You Are? Do Others Think the Same?

What is Your view of yourself?

I used to have the attitude – “I don’t care what people think. I care what people feel.” I did alter my attitude a bit – now my attitude is more “If I am doing the right thing and the right way – according to Torah – I don’t care what people think.” But that’s just a general attitude. Obviously it depends upon the the situation. For instance in Torah we try not to offend – yet at times to do the right thing – we might offend the sensibilities of others if other’s sensibilities run contrary to Torah ideals. But that is an article in itself.

The Jewish Spies

In this week’s parasha – Shelach – spies are sent to Eretz Yisrael in the time of Moshe / Moses. 12 are sent. 10 come back with a negative report. 2 come back with a positive report. The Jews believe the negative report and cry in vain. Then G-d, upset about the people’s attitude – tells them that they will remain in the desert for 40 years – one year for each day they spied. He also says – since they cried in vain – He will give them a real reason to cry on that day in the future – which is the 9th of Av – the A Day of Suffering & Mourning for the Jews.

Projecting our self-image to the way others view us

The spies in their report describing the giants who live there – who they had to conquer – say

“There we saw the giants, the sons of the giant, of the Nephilim, and we were like grasshoppers in our eyes, and so we appeared in their eyes.” (Bamidbar/ Numbers 13:33)

We can understand the verse as just like we were grasshoppers in our eyes – we were grasshoppers in their eyes. Or because we were grasshoppers in our eyes we were grasshoppers in their eyes. Meaning because we felt like grasshoppers – they looked at us like grasshoppers. Meaning people may judge you the way you look at yourself.

Believe in Yourself

If you believe in yourself – others will believe in you. If you don’t it is possible others will not as well. The Torah wants us to have a positive self image.

What is Humility? True and False Humility

One of the greatest character traits to have is humility. Moses was the most humble of all men. Yet he accomplished more than any man in history. How is this so?

Define the Terms of Your Discussion to See if you really Agree

If you have a question or discussion with someone else – at times you will agree with one another but disagree. It depends upon your terms. Let’s explain.

Let’s take Humility. David person may think his friend – Danny – is humble. Adam says he is not. Danny is defining humility as looking down oneself. Adam is defining humility as recognizing that one’s greatest strengths come from Hash-m. Adam’s definition is correct. When one recognizes that his talents are G-d given – he will have self confidence. If one puts oneself down – he will become downtrodden.

Moses – the Most Humble of All Men

That’s how Moses was so humble – yet he accomplished so much. I also heard that Moshe used to compare his deeds to what his potential deeds were and thus he remained humble as well.

Fix yourself and Others will Look up to You

Now we should not complain about what others think of us. First we should fix our attitude and believe in ourselves – and when we look at ourselves positively – will have an effect on how others look at us.



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