Success – Avoiding Let Down When Reaching the Top

Man Walking up Ladder to CloudsAn entrepreneur had a great idea. He started a small business. He met with the venture capitalists – who funded generously his project. Over a span of 3 years built the company into a global corporation with tens of thousands of employees and making billions of dollars a year. He himself became a self-made billionaire.

Is he a Success or Not?

Yes and No.

It depends upon how you define the word success.

If you mean Financial Success – Yes.

If you mean a Personal Success – Not Necessarily.

Let’s continue the story:
Every night he would come home and yell at his wife and children due to the great stress he had at work. He would not tolerate error from his employees – firing them at the blink of an eye.



What about a man (or woman) who makes a meager living. They support the family, Do what they can to supply for the material, physical and spiritual needs of the family, Are an example of kindness and giving, Provide for the family’s Jewish and secular education, Grow every day through learning Torah, Is available to talk at any time, & Has always kind words on their lips.



Why it’s Lonely at the Top
One of the main reasons why people feel lonely at the top is because they think that financial success will bring them happiness. More money in the bank account does not make a person happy.

So what is a person on the road to the top to do?

Share the wealth. Share the success with others. You have more money, give to more causes to help the Torah world and humanity. Grow yourself while growing your company or your career. Become a better person and you will experience this satisfaction.

When a person conquers his own frailties, does good for others, and helps humanity, he also helps himself. He feels better about himself and becomes a better person, a more giving person, and a better boss. The secret to personal success is improve yourself daily. Be better today than you were yesterday. Be better Tomorrow than you were today.

The Torah is the guide that Hash-m gave for us to improve ourselves to reach our potential for doing good and become the ultimate provider of good. Doing so, We become our true selves and reach a higher state of satisfaction in life. When we emulate Hash-m, we become better. Enriching your spiritual life through Torah is key.

Best Advice
One of the best pieces of advice for self-hep and improvement that I ever received was:
– to set a time regularly to learn Torah. Even if it is five minutes a day – but it should be regular. (see our Five Alive program)

A good place to start the process is by reading the work “Pirkei Avot.” / Ethics of the Fathers – which contains advice and guidance for a person to be happy. Some quotes from it can be found here:

Torah Quotes and Jewish Quotes

It can be ordered online from:
Pirkei Avos Treasury: The Sages Guide to Living with an Anthologized Commentary & Anecdotes (ArtScroll (Mesorah Publishing). by Moshe Lieber and Nosson Scherman

the Children’s edition:
Pirkei Avos Illustrated Youth Edition / Ethics of the Fathers

Or you can receive a simple translated copy from our site at:
Jewish Freebies and Judaica

I recently heard a helpful Jewish Audio lecture on reaching one’s potential by Rabbi Akiva Tatz called Inner World – Deciding One’s Role in Life

Eating a Kosher Diet also helps. Kosher animals are docile and positively influences the personality of the person. See : Why Kosher? or ABCs of Kosher

Alexander the Great
Once Alexander the Great on the way back from war. He was proud that he had conquered the world. When he saw the great sage Shimon Hatzadik (Simon the Righteous) donned in the clothes of the Cohen Gadol (High Priest from the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem), Alexander got off his horse and bowed to him. His soldiers, astonished said “Master, why do you bow to this Jewish Man.” Alexander replied “Because every time before I win a war I see this man in my dream the night before I am victorious in a battle.”

After exchanging common courtesy, Shimon said to Alexander “Now that you have conquered people of the whole world, you still have one more to conquer.” Alexander was surprised “I have conquered the entire world, who else can there be?” Shimon replied “Yourself.” Alexander Acquiesced.

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