Hacks to Make Your Cell Phone Safer

I get these phases in which I get involved with an subject that interests me. I do research. I buy the related products. Then it wanes. Once it was the Microscope phase. Once it was the laser. Once it was Free Energy. Once it was Making Your own Diesel Gas – Bio-Diesel. Once it was Water Fuel (HHO). I also got interested in Cell Phone Safety.

Cell phones receive and emit EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) radiation. Each Cell phone has an SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Rating. The recommended level for a cell phone is less than 1.6. They have a rate for the head and the rate for the body. I would recommend – when buying a cell phone find one with the lower SAR Rate – at least less than 0.7. Before buying – look up the SAR rate of the phone. The Lower  the better.

If you use your cell phone as an alarm – when you go to sleep – put it on “Airplane Mode” or at least turn off data, gps, and bluetooth.

I purchased the equipment to test SAR and EMF. The equipment was average quality. I then tested different cell phones. Each one had a different EMF value. Then I tested Shielding materials radiation blocking ability – like aluminum, copper wiring, MU Metal, and others.

The One that I found to be most effective to block radiation was MU Metal (Ultraperm 80). I bought a sheet of MU Metal and Bought a phone case that had a flip cover. I lined a phone case with the MU Metal and it significantly reduced the EMF.

I don’t know why enterprising entrepreneurs haven’t thought to line phone cases with MU Metal to not only protect from falls – but from radiation as well. One day.

But You can do the same thing. Buy a Celll phone case (Preferably with a flip cover. Buy a Sheet of MU Metal / Ultraperm 80 – like the one below. Cut it to fit your cell phone case. Make the holes for the camera and other areas that need to be uncovered and fit  your cell phone inside. Do the same for the case’s flip cover. Will it affect reception? I didn’t test that. Let me know your results.

You can Use the Ultraperm to line a desk phone holder. How? Get a desk envelope or mail holder and Ultraperm 80 sheet. Line Phone holder with the ultraperm metal.


Info on the Ultraperm 80 I Bought.

Product Details
Manufacturer NooElec
Model Ultraperm 80
Quantity 1 Sheet

Technical Details
8.0″ x 10.50″ x .004″

80.3% Nickel
14.3% Iron
5.4% Molybdenum

Product Information
Ultraperm 80 shielding sheet commonly used to reduce EMI (interference) in all sorts of DIY projects. Very popular for RF and audio applications.

This alloy is specifically designed to reduce the effects of magnetic fields and static interference.

Unlike sheets sold from other vendors, these custom sheets are fully annealed to increase the EMI shielding properties and increase resiliency.

The sheets have a high-quality Nitto Denko peel-and-stick adhesive backing to facilitate easy installation. They are very malleable and can be shaped and formed to fit most any application.

The sheets are relatively thin and sharp; please handle with caution!

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