Use Emotions Positively – Don’t Fret, Get Upset or Regret – Get Blessed

It occurs daily that people upset others – including yourself. G-d sends us these gifts as a way for us to reflect upon life and our actions to become better.

If that person – who insulted you – didn’t do it – someone else would take their place.

So – the best is to not get upset – because you recognize it is a message from Hash-m to improve. So improve.

Sometimes we are so upset that we want bad to happen to others – or even ourselves. Sorry – that is not usually productive.

Use Emotions Positively

So use your emotions for the positive and instead of wishing bad on others – wish good for yourself. Instead of wishing that a person who hurt you loses money – use the deep emotions to bless yourself to make more money.

In last week’s parasha – Toledot – Esav was upset that his brother – Yaakov / Jacob – received the blessings from his father. We would have expected the Torah to say that Esav was upset that He – Esav didn’t receive the blessings from his father Yitzhak / Issak. For Esav it was more upsetting for him that his brother received the blessings that he didn’t receive the blessings.

From this We can learn to sort out emotions – to wish good for ourselves rather than to be upset that someone gained.

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