May the Force be With You – Jewish Philosophy in Star Wars

Confessions-of-a-Jewish-Jedi-230x150People love a good ending. Good triumphs over evil. The hero beats the villain. Apparently people deep inside know what is good or bad. Otherwise people wouldn’t care.

Each person has good inside him or her. The point that Judaism stresses is to develop and use that good to help others.

I was one of the first Star Wars fans. I remember some of the exciting parts.

Good Triumphs over Evil

Many of the themes of movies are based upon Torah principles. Good will triumph over evil is a Torah principle. The reason why Yitzhak / Isaak, our patriarch , which means “He will laugh” in Hebrew is called such – is because after all the sufferings that the Jewish people endured throughout the centuries for keeping morality alive – the morality of the Torah will triumph – and we will have the last laugh.

In one film, they destroyed the “Death Star.” It was threatening the existence of other planets. So – an imminent danger must be destroyed.

The point of our lives is to distance ourselves from evil and generate good.

May the Force be With You

Someone suggested that one of the reason why the US currency is the standard is because it says on the Dollar “In G-d we trust.” Possible. It is possible to say that star wars was successful because it has a concept of the Force – G-d or Hash-m in Judaism – running the world. In the film, the Force is a good power that directs the world for goodness. In Judaism, Hash-m / G-d is a good power that directs the world for goodness.

Belief in in G-d and Oneself

Once Yoda – told Luke Skywalker to lift up a spaceship (the X-wing fighter), through psycho-kinetics, out of the water. He said “That is impossible.” Yoda told him “That is why you fail” and preceded to lift it out.

In Judaism – one is to believe in oneself – to achieve their maximum. One also believes in G-d to be able to overcome any power.

In the Nefesh HaChaim – it states that one has the ability to Nullify Any Power in the World. It says ”
The exiled will only be redeemed in the future for the merit of belief [in Hashem]”

(Tanchuma Beshalach 10) Nefesh HaChaim – Gate 3, Chapter 12
In truth it (having belief & faith in Hash-m) is a great matter & an awesome ability (Segulah) to remove & nullify from oneself all judgments & wills of others – that they will have no power or influence upon you whatsoever.
When a person fixes in his heart to say “Is not Hash-m the true G-d & besides Him, may He be Blessed, there is no power whatsoever in the world & in all the worlds at all & all is filled only with His simple Oneness, may His Name be Blessed.”
And [then] he shall nullify with a complete nullification & he will not be concerned about any power or will in the world. And he will attach & cling the purity of his thoughts – only to the One Master, Blessed be He. Thus the Blessed One will give in his hands – to automatically nullify by himself all of the forces & desires in the world that absolutely nothing will be able to affect him.

Say No to Idolatry

In one film – the Robot C3P0 went to a planet. When the creatures there bowed to him – he said – “It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.” In the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah for all people in the world – is the prohibition of idolatry. In the second of the 10 commandments – is against idolatry. it says one shall not make an image of G-d – this means anything – an object, an animal, a star, a planet, a robot, a man, an angel – anything spiritual or physical. (Aish HaTorah) has some good articles on further analogies, a question a person asked the rabbi on it and even confession of a Jewish Jedi.

At one point in my spiritual development – I stopped watching movies. There is opportunity cost to time. I figured I could achieve more good during that time.

May the Force / Hash-m be with you.

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