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tephillinauraA person is surrounded by a light that is usually imperceptible to the human eye. This light is called the Aura / Hira in Hebrew. (Interesting to note that “Aura” is similar to the word for light in Hebrew – mother of all languages – “Ohr”)

In the 1930s, a scientist from the Soviet Union, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian noticed that when a patient’s hand was attached to a high-frequency d’Arsonval electrotherapy device (that generates currents of 0.5-2 MHz called “D’Arsonval currents” for therapy) there was a small flash of light between the machine’s electrodes and the patient’s skin. He wondered if he would be able to photograph that light.

Experimenting with similar equipment he was able to take an unusual and striking photograph of an apparent energy discharge around his own hand. He thus started the Development of Kirlian photography.

Over the next ten years he and his wife developed and perfected an apparatus for this photography. They employed a high-frequency oscillator or spark generator that operated at 75 to 200 kHz. Eventually he claimed that that energy around the person’s body was the person’s Spiritual Aura. In Torah the term for the Aura is Ohr HaMakif / The Surrounding Light.

Rabbis, like the Ben Ish Hai and the Ari z”l speak about this light. It is also mentioned in the Talmud, in tractate Berakhot – where Rabbi Yohanan, a beautiful sage, went to visit an infirm Rabbi / do the Mitzvah of Bikur Holim, visiting the infirm. In the dark room, he revealed his arm which illuminated the room. Moses also had such a great aura that would illuminate the room when he was a baby.

Torah & The Aura

A Russian Aura Investigator, Zevulun Revayev, investigated the impact of doing mitzvot / Torah commandments on the aura. He has a Kirlian Camera hooked to a computer with Aura Software. He experimented with the aura in many situations with many subjects. (Apparently his studies were on Jewish Subjects – results may differ for Gentiles. Apparently gentiles that do their 7 noahide laws will experience similar aura improvement.)

The Aura has various colors
Material Colors are – Red, Yellow and Green
Spiritual Colors are – Blue, Purple and White

A Baby has a white aura. It is understandable – a baby is pure.

One of his subjects was a scientist – Arik Naveh – that practiced transcendent mediation. He believed in the aura. At that time he was not too connected to the Mitzvot. He was videoed before and after wearing tephillin- he saw aura immediately change. When he noticed the immediate improvement in his aura to white – a change he did not see with much of his meditation – he dedicated himself to putting on tephillin daily.

Findings on impact of Mitzvot on Aura

Negative Impact on the Aura – Color turned red, yellow or green
1. Wearing Non-Kosher Tephillin / Phylacteries
2. Wearing Non-Kosher Talit
3. Anger and Anxiety
4. Aggressiveness
5. Negative Thoughts

Positive Impact on the Aura – color turned, blue, purple or white
1. Wearing Talit and Tephillin
2. Learning Torah
3. Prayer and Saying Tehillim / Psalms – with Kavana / concentration
4. Immersion in a Mikve
5. Blowing of the Shofar / Ram’s horn
6. Love of a Fellow

The Torah guides woman to be appreciated by refraining from clothes that draw attention to herself. We call this Tzniut. A married woman – covers her hair with a beautiful scarf. In the investigation Mr. Revayev asked a woman to film the aura of a woman who was not wearing a scarf. When she placed one one one – her aura brightened up immediately. A woman who placed on a wig – he found that the aura became cloudy yellow. Modesty for a woman means that she is appreciated for her inner qualities, rather than her external qualities.

Mr. Revayev did a demonstration on the power of Netilat Yadayim / ritual washing of the hands in the morning. In the morning, we take a wash cup, full of water and pour it alternating on each hand 8 times – assuring the entire hand – from wrist bone – is rinsed from impure spirits that gather in the hands when we sleep. (Pour on Right hand, left, right, left, right, left, right, left). After a people attending his lecture did the ritual washing they noticed a marked difference in their aura – as seen by the aura camera. Many went out and purchased wash cups.

Physical Health linked to Spiritual Health

People have noted that aura’s color can signify a physical ailment. This is a Torah concept. A Jewish person has 613 Mitzvot / commandments. 365 are Prohibitions – that one avoids – daily 365 days a year. 248 are positive commandments – for a person to do – with his 248 members of their body. If one is deficient in a particular spiritual matter – it may have an effect on his physical body. There are works on this subject – one is called Torah Therapy

Metzora / an ailment like leprosy is linked to the prohibition of speaking lashon harah / evil speech about others, even if it is true.

Once a person told a Rabbi she had pain in the shoulder. He asked her if she was careful about doing Netilat Yadayim of Mayim Aharonim / washing the hands with final waters – before Grace after meals is said. They said no. The Halacha / Jewish law states Tekef lenetilah beracha – immediately after washing hands is the blessing (of grace after meals). The word for immediately / Tekef are the same letters as shoulders / ketef in hebrew. They were more careful not to make an interruption and they were healed.

Obviously, for an ailment a person must see a doctor. It is forbidden to live in a town without a Doctor. But, if one can focus in on the spiritual cause from the Torah as well as the physical ailment, apparently they could have a greater chance of healing.

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