The Shabbat Project – Coming to a Synagogue Near You



Shabbat is a day of rest from all creative work. We enjoy it with good food, family, songs and with words of Torah. It is a day where we wish each other a peaceful Shabbat. “Shabbat Shalom.” We rest and spend quality time with family and friends to enhance our relationship with our families and G-d, and ultimately find inner peace.

The Chief Rabbi of South Africa started a Program Called the Shabbos project. Now the project has spread its wings to include many other countries as well. The Idea is that a Jew – accepts upon themselves to observe one Shabbat in its entirety in the year. Last year people changed their lives. Many Jewish Celebrities worldwide also taking it upon themselves. This year it will take place on October 23/24.

In the Torah it says that if all the Jews observed Two Shabbat we would be redeemed.

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