Banned from Yahoo! Answers Helping People with Suicidal Thoughts

balloons-in-skyYahoo! Answers is a site where ordinary people ask all kinds of questions. Ordinary people provide answers. It’s a bit addicting, because they have a whole points system. Get a certain amount of points and you rise in level.

I started answering questions. It was fun to help a person in need. I was answering the questions on Judaism from the perspective of the Torah. Other people also answer. You get to know some of your co-answerers from their answers – one is more conservative, another more liberal, another more or less on target.

It is a perk when your answer is selected as the best answer.

I was cruising smoothly, answering questions at a decent pace – when I had an idea. Why not help people with suicidal thoughts to help them through the difficult times. I also passed some difficult times in life, and thought my life experience could help them. I would try to answer them to help them get their bearings straight. That they would be able to see life in a more positive light.

I had a standard answer that I would cut and paste into anyone who would mention they wanted to commit suicide. I would improve upon the answer from time to time – but the basic theme was – that sometimes one experiences difficulties for their own good. The basic answer was:

Positive Thinking

G-d sends us challenges and through overcoming them, we can become a greater person. G-d always sends challenges that we can overcome. G-d wants also that we develop a relationship with Him. So by following his laws – the 10 Commandments for Jews and 7 Noahide laws for Gentiles – one reaches out to G-d. G-d loves us and does everything for the good. It’s up to us to pick up on the challenge and find the good in it and eventually we can transform our lives into a much greater existence. Pray to Hash-m / G-d and make your effort to reach out to Him and people who love you and you are on the road to better days.

The actual answer I would write is similar to a previous post – Dear Harry – A Letter to a Friend Who Died through Suicide.

I would stay up late just cutting and pasting my answer to answer anyone’s question who mentioned the word suicide.

That is what caused me to banned. I pasted my answer for someone who asked a question unrelated to suicide – but mentioned suicide in his explanation of his question. He reported me.

Bye Bye Yahoo!

Now my Yahoo answers are history.

When you are banned all your answers are removed as well. I lost access to all my thought out answers. I appealed but to no avail. They said I was taking up too much bandwidth. Whatever that means.

Too bad. So Sad.

I felt badly, because apparently I could have helped more people. I considered logging on with another name, but I thought that it wasn’t just Yahoo that was sending me a message – but G-d – telling me that I could help more people by doing other things rather than posting on Yahoo answers. My objective in life was not posting answers.

Everything is for the good.

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