Torah Perspective – Common Sense and Actions to Take on the Iran Deal

Second_TempleThe Torah is real. Real in terms of it is the only law that was given by G-d that was witnessed by millions of people.

But it is also real in looking at reality.

Some have a bias and make their view of reality based upon their bias.

Like the New Anti-Zionism that has cropped up on campuses – but that is another topic.

The Torah takes reality at face value. You call a spade a spade.

Although the Torah is the first to want peace, it says that peace must be made with partners that are trustworthy to uphold it. If their words are empty rhetoric, treat them thus.

It says if a person wants to kill another person, kill the pursuer first (if you can’t stop them by another means).

Some nations say outright – Death to ______ (Fill in the Blank). Now you want to give them weapons? It is akin to giving an arsonist a blow torch and a large barrel of gasoline.

So who is guilty if you do give the arsonist the tools to burn down a house and he does?

The Torah says both, because you help another person to do a transgression.

Boehner said “Israel is the best informed on Terrorism and Iran.” That is why he invited Netanyahu to speak.

The Jews want peace – but peace that is realistic – not rhetoric.

I heard the CIA is now examining prophesies for some of their inside information. The Jewish Prophesies – that have been extremely accurate – in describing current events provides various scenarios of what will happen prior to the coming of the real Messiah.

The messiah can come when people are all righteous and following the Torah or the opposite.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people are following the contrary path.

If the people are righteous – ie, following the Torah (Jews the 613 Commandments and the Gentiles the Noahide laws) the Messiah will come with peace.

If they are not – it will come with war.

One of the most disturbing scenarios of the war before Messiah comes – called the war of Gog ou Magog – is that of a tremendous war in which 2/3 of the world population will perish. The vilna Gaon – a Genius Torah Scholar calculated – in his time that the war would last 12 minutes. In his time – there was no nuclear weapons. Now we can understand – how a war can last such a short time.

We hope this scenario will not be the one that will bring the Messiah. So we must do our part to be righteous, and prevent as many countries that we can – especially those that are untrustworthy from receiving weapons used offensively against innocent civilians.

Three things each individual can do.

!. Follow the Torah – this will allow one to either allow the Messiah to come peacefully or allow them to likely survive in case there is a war, G-d forbid.

2. Pray to Hashem – that he will stop all nations from receiving or developing weapons that can be used against humanity or for genocide against the innocent.

3. Write to the American Congressmen – Senators and House of Representatives & the President – to voice your opinion on the the Iran deal.

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