Purim and the Hidden Hand of G-d

Purim_Paints_Art.previewPurim is the holiday of the hidden hand of G-d.

The story of Purim:

King Ahashverous – his queen, Vashti refused to appear before him.

He became furious and took counsel to decide a course of action.

Haman said to kill her, to avoid that other women of their nation rebel against their husbands.

He listened to Haman.

The king had to find a new queen. He searched the country for the most beautiful woman.

Esther, was chosen. She hid her identity as a Jew.

Haman, a member of the nation of Amalek, is furious that Mordechai did not bow to him.

Haman, the wicked, decides that he will thus attempt to destroy the sonei Yisrael in one day.

He gave much money to King Ahashverous towards this goal.

The king agreed.

Mordechai, Esther’s uncle, tells her about a plot to kill the king.

The king hears of the plot and decides to reward Mordechai.

Mordechai tells Queen Esther to approach the king to annul the decree against the Jews.

She asks the people to fast for her, for the queen could only appear before the King if he gave permission by pointing his scepter to her.

She tells the king of the evil plot of Haman against her people.

Haman is then Killed with his 10 sons.

In the Megillah of Esther, G-d’s name is not mentioned once.

Yet, when Esther says “if it is good for the King”, and makes a request she was really speaking to the King of Kings – G-d.

The story seems very natural. Yet we see G-d’s hand constantly in guiding the events that finally, the Jews are saved and the wicked are destroyed.

We learn that – although we may ignore it, G-d’s kind hand is guiding our lives for the best daily.

Even if it may seem to be bad, in the end it is good.

It is up to us to believe. When we do, we change a bitter view of life to a better view of life.

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