Sending a Gift to a Departed Loved One in Judaism

Solomon-Alexander-Hart-The-Feast-of-the-Rejoicing-of-the-Law-at-the-Synagogue-in-Leghorn-Italy-1850In Judaism we are all connected.

One Jew is connected to a Jew on the other side of the planet.

A Jew rejoices with another’s joy. He is pained when another one suffers.

The connection even extends to those departed.

In Torah there is an afterlife. Great pleasure awaits those who did good.

The reward for even simple good deeds is unimaginable.

Two women used to collect charity for thhe poor together. Once one waved to get the attention of a well-off woman. When the other one died, she came back in a dream to the one who waved. She told her “You can’t imagine how tremendous is the reward for just waving to that wealthy woman.”

The expression “You can’t take it with you.” Is somewhat true.

you cannot take anything physical with you to the next world. But Mitzvas – good deeds and commandments from Torah one observed one is able to take.

The currency of the next world is mitzvot and good deeds.

In this world, we use our resources to do Mitzvas. Thus they can be redeemed for reward in the next world.

This is a world of action. The next is a world of reward. For the good you did in this world, you are compensated in the next.

The accounting is made and the reward is given in the next world.

When life ends, so does the reward counter.

But if others did good deeds because of you, your reward continues. If you saved a life, you get a reward for the mitzvot he or she did because you saved their life.

Thus a child that does Mitzvas for a departed loved one, the loved one accrues reward in the next world. Thus we give charity for a departed loved one.

Thus the relatives of those departed have a way of sending gifts to those above.

Another way is called Kaddish.

Kaddish – the mourners prayer – is a prayer said by a man in a quorum of 10 Jewish men.

When a Jewish soul goes to the next world – it is judged and sent through a cleansing process.

This process can be made easier when a relative or a designated individual says Kaddish for them.

It is like one is sending a gift to the next world.

When a person recites kaddish the soul is elevated to another plateau.

Once a woman was about to die. She asked a great rabbi to recite kaddish for her.

He did.

After some time, she came to him in a dream and asked him to stop.

She said his Kaddish was so powerful, that whe was being sent up to heights so great that were too great for her.

When one says Kaddish, the soul of the departed is elevated. The power of Kaddish.

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