Achieved the American Dream. Now What?

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New HouseThe American Dream – buying a new house.

You did it. All yours. (with all the mortgage payments)


You worked hard for your money and now you have a house to show for it.


Now what?

A person needs to feel they are accomplishing.

Many people who achieve success – a certain financial stature – don’t feel the happiness that they expected. They thought “when I reach this point I will be happy.” They arrive at financial independence, but didn’t find the assumed satisfaction that they expected. Because they think that reaching a certain status will give them satisfaction.

It is not necessarily the achievement itself that procures satisfaction. The striving to achieve it, the striving to do good and be good eventually will bring meaning and happiness into one’s life.

A person wants to do good.

Producing good by doing Mitzvot / the 613 Torah Commandments is quintessential to satisfaction.

Travelers travel to find something deeper and more meaningful.

One need only travel to a good Jewish library or bookstore to start a journey to a more satisfying life.

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