Happiness and Holiness or Nostalgic Melancholy – the Path to Rejuvenation

MP900384901(1)A Wedding of an observant Jewish couple exudes with happiness.

The day in which a man and a women unite to pursue building of a family that will serve Hash-m together. The day in which they unite to realize their visions of future hope and happiness. The first step in their voyage as partners in a team to do good.

Happy Jewish Music permeates the wedding hall. Frequenting the wedding reception are enthusiastic guests and jugglers. Men with burning black fedoras dance together in unison. The Kallah / Bride is lifted on a chair by her friends and relatives on her side of the Mechitza / Partition. The guests dance and sing to entertain and rejoice the Hattan and the Kallah / Groom and Bride. Savors from delicious feast waft in the air accompanying the feeling of happiness.

Added happiness resides for holiness is present.

After the wedding ceremony and the reception – 7 blessings / Sheva Berachot are made in honor of the wedding. One of the blessings is – Blessed are You Hash-m, G-d King of the Universe, that the happiness is in His abode.

The blessing reveals the secret of happiness. That closeness to Hash-m and being in His presence with holiness gives a person great inner joy.

I remember when I was younger I did have a good time being with my friends and following the ways of the world. Now, looking back I say they were good times. The feeling I am left with is nostalgic melancholy – remembering the outings and trips and sports. Great times. I look back with melancholy.

I try to pinpoint what gave me the most satisfaction and pleasure and things were the source of the joy that at times still provide me with happiness. I find that most have to do with doing a good deed – like helping out a friend or people with special needs.

Apparently, holiness in Judaism is synonymous with happiness. Things that draw us close to G-d through Torah give us an inner feeling of purpose, pride and accomplishment.

Things that bring us farther from Hash-m, create a sense of disconnection with the source of all good and life – which eventually cause sadness.

Being Good makes one feel good. Knowing what G-d wants from us – by learning the halachot / Jewish laws – helps us to connecting to the source of all good and the source of happiness.

It is tempting to revert to the old behaviors of youth to gain the satisfaction that once was. But the times past are just that, times past. Judaism says , create new happy times rather than just reminiscing. Bring new good to the world, renew your efforts in acts of kindness. Share acts of doing kindness with your spouse and family or friends. Do kindness to your close ones and widen your circle. Do acts of kindness together with your beloved ones and become closer to them and to Hash-m. It is common activity that allows you to reinforce relationships with purposeful and productive activities.

It is a Mitzvah to be happy. A person’s general mood should be one of self-satisfaction and happiness. It’s a Mitzvah to serve Hash-m with happiness.

Rejuvenate yourself through your relationship with Hash-m, through Judaism and let the good times return.

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