3 Quick Ways to Protect Your Family from the Internet

With Kids at the House these days most of the day it is important to have home media protection. Having home schooling – on the phone, tablet and video conferences – with teachers at tutors – it is easier for kids to slip into using the technology for gaming and improper activities.

What is the prudent parent to do?

As in a previous article we mentioned – the 70 ways to prevent others from misusing technology. One way is to minimize exposure – Buy a flip phone instead of a smart phone.

But for the home working parent – the computer sometimes is an essential tool. So what to do?

Here are 3 quick Suggestions:

  1. Disable and/or Lock Apps

I suggest firstly to disable any apps or programs that you do not use. Apple computers and iphones are able to disable entire applications – like the web browser and other apps. Android phones are able to do the same thing but it might have required programs. Usually you disable a program by going to the settings and disabling particular apps. If you are not computer savvy – some responsible adults that are computer savvy may be able to help you.

In android and Apple systems you can disable appps by going into settings or Play store. You can also get an “app lock” program for your phones that requires a password to access certain apps.

2. Secondly is to have internet filters.

Internet Filters either block or monitor which internet sites are used. They can block time periods or administer how many hours are used.

There are 3 sorts of filters –

ISP Level – One from the internet service provider (isp) – the company that provides the service.

Router Level – One kind of filter that is placed upon the router.

Device Level – One filter that is on the device itself. Like Computers, Tablets and smart phones.

For the router or device one can implement opendns.com system. it is fairly simple to install. They have a Free version that one can easily install in minutes.

Other filters include – Norton Family Filter.

3. Control Who uses the internet

Certain Routers let you control who logs on. who will have access to the wifi, who to block and who to give access to.

You have to access your router by following your routers instrutcions on how to log on. For instance on a Fios system one uses – myfiosgateway.com. contact your ISP to find out how.

It is good to have redundant filters. Or more than one. If one does not work – the other might prevent access to unwanted sites and sights.

Turn off wifi – when not being used from your home internet router.  On your phone  disable Mobile hotspot and Put an app lock on “Settings” app and “playstore” app.


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