Being Thankful for All Your Lives

It’s good to be good. Do good. Get Good. Don’t do it to receive good – but even if you do – that’s still good.

Be thankful. Be thankful for your life.

Your life. What is your life?

  1. The fact that you are alive. Be thankful to Hash-m that you are living today. Every morning we wake up and the first thing we say is Modeh ani / I am thankful …. It is said to thank G-d that we were able to wake up to another day. It In Judaism we have a special blessing for certain events – like when you get a new suit, or for a new fruit that you taste he first time in the year or when we arrive at a new Jewish Holiday. It is called Shehehiyanu – That you made us live. It goes – “Barukh Atah ….. Shehehiyanu VeKiyemanu vehigiaynu lezeman hazeh” / “Blessed are you Hash-m … that you made us live, and you established us and you made us arrive to this time.”
  2. Your Family Life
  3. Your Work Life
  4. Your Spiritual Life
  5. Your Social Life
  6. Your Recreational Life
  7. Your Educational Life

All these are organized for you personally by G-d to help you get the best out of life. If you think about it – without Divine intervention, it is virtually impossible to meet a fitting mate. for there are millions of potential mates for each person. G-d organizes that you are at the right place at the right time to allow you to meet your mate. He organized that you find the right job. That you find the right business deals. That you are at the right place at the right time.

When we say thanks we become more appreciative. This is one of the reasons for the blessings on foods and all the blessings we have to make in Judaism – to be more appreciative to G-d and more appreciative of life.

For the good times and challenging – we thank Hash-m – because all He does is for one’s good.

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