Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow, If You Can Push it Off Further

MP900384764The Motto of laziness – “Push it off as much as you can.”

In Torah almost anything or quality can be used for Good – even laziness.

Fire can be used for good or bad. One can cook with fire, but one can also destroy with it.

Money, can be used for giving charity or for causing harm to others.

Someone asked a Rabbi “How can Atheism be Used for Good?” He said when someone asks you for help, don’t tell them “G-d will help you.” Act as if G-d was not here and do as much as you can yourself to help the person.

Laziness can deter a person from doing a Mitzvah but also can deter a person from transgression. He or she can say “I am too lazy to do this transgression, I’ll push it off for another time.”

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