Tranquility in this World and the Next – Investing in the Long-Term

Array of Cream Filled CupcakesI recently overheard someone saying if you invested in $1000 in Apple Computer 20 years ago you would be a millionaire today.

How important it is to make long term investments. The Torah teaches that our sights should be on long term gains.

At times we seek immediate gratification. After we will pay, but today we can’t resist.

The credit card is a good example. We buy it today, but end up paying three times the price of the object. Thank G-d, we recently paid our credit cards off. Now we just throw out the offers they send. You can’t imagine how satisfying it is – not to receive a credit card bill with 25% interest payments and some nice penalty payments to boot.

Or not going on the eating or drinking binge.

The little victories in life give us satisfaction.

Some overlook the long term gains of Mitzvahs.

Not intentionally. It just doesn’t enter their mind.

Observing Shabbat takes effort. It may easier to go shopping or watch football. But what comes from it? Peace of mind and tranquility – better family relations.

Or it might be easier to spend on excessive luxuries – than to give to charity. But Torah charity brings better fruits in the end. You helped a needy family to survive hard times.

Before you take a bite – ask if it is kosher. It might taste good – but you also want it to be good for your soul.

Before marriage – ask yourself if your prospective mate is ideal for helping you reach your and your families potential. Is it worth it – because of love or infatuation – to overlook the long-term spiritual satisfaction of the family? Before marriage the Torah outlook is to inquire about a potential mate’s values, outlook regarding Judaism, desire for growth, stability, good heartedness and good character traits. Love will eventually come. Love before inquiry leads to disappointment many times – it is putting the carriage before the horse.

Ask if it is true before you subscribe to a way of life. Don’t subscribe and then ask if it is true.

I used to be an avid TV watcher – not the level of being a couch potato – but up there. Yes – some programs were entertaining, but was it worth the opportunity cost of spending quality time with my family? I don’t know. Before choosing the tube over Torah study – ask what gain comes from each.

I had friends I loved.

They went their way. I went mine.

They became successful people financially and in their careers, because G-d blessed them for years that they worked hard.

I focused on learning Torah. Now I teach others.

Invest now for what you want to achieve.

Don’t feel badly that you didn’t invest that money in Apple. You can invest now in a worthwhile charity and get better long-term returns.

Once a rich man called up a fund raiser. He told him he had lost millions in the stock market. He proceeded to thank him for soliciting him for a major gift. He said that is the money that will remain with him in the next world.

A Mitzvah is eternal.

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