Making Time For Yourself – Jewish Meditation

Hoh River Cascading Through Rainforest Olympic National Park, Washington, USAA peaceful forest.

A serene landscape.

A cool, autumn beach.

Places for Jewish meditation.

A calm room will also do.

Sit. Alone. Quietly. Close your eyes.

Close your phone.

Let the world out.

Let your hopes and thoughts in.


No one in the world can see you.

Except Hash-m – the good G-d.

Pray to Hash-m. Anything that you want. Repeat it. Say it again. Say it differently. Express your heart to Him. Plead, argue, cry. Say thank you. Express your hopes, desires and fears.

Let positive thoughts pour over you.

Think of yourself. Think of how you are and how you can be, how you would like to be.

Work on one aspect at a time. Being less angry. Being more kind.

This is Jewish Meditation. It is called Hitbodoedut. Meaning secluding oneself.

Many Tzaddikim – righteous Jews – use this method to improve themselves. Some would take one hour a day to reflect. But starting with 5 minutes is fine.

Society and the race of life keeps a person busy. They say – “Don’t stop.”

“Be Busy.”

Too busy for free thinking.

Too busy to reflect on where your are, who you are and where you want to go.

Hitbodedut is a solution.

Tell life to stop for a moment to see where you are heading. Is it the right path? Is it the right path for you? is it the path that G-d wants from you?

You deserve to be the captain of the ship called life.

Especially your own.

Let the waves of water sooth you

but not be your guide.

You decide.

You be you.

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