Anti-Semitism: How Mein Kampf Attests to Jews Being Chosen

sugar and slopesI never read Mein Kampf – written by Adolf Hitler. I don’t wish to tarnish my thoughts.

However, I believe it says something like:

….Jewish People …. leaders of industry, controlling world….

… The Jews brought several “problems” to Humanity – a conscience, morality and the quest for perfection. The quest for perfection is found by circumcision. Circumcision shows that man is not perfect and must perfect himself…..

The reason many give for antisemitism is the “Jews control the economy, the financial markets, etc.”

The Fallacy
Many who complain about the Jews find reasons. The question is : Are those reasons valid?

Let’s assume that Jews control the economy – which is not the case. There are many factors that lead to a healthy economy. But for arguments sake let’s say the Jews can make or break the economy.

Now ask another question – is the economy basically being run well or not?

Apparently most are satisfied with the economy. Most are satisfied how industries are being run in the world. The economy is being run pretty well. So what is the reason to complain? If the Jews are the best people for the Job – to assure that the economy runs correctly – so why the hatred?

Apparently – the reason for hatred of the Jews is not because of the reasons people give.

First they have hatred and then they try to find a reason to make it sound respectable.

There is a series explaining antisemitism called : Why The Jews?
(The Torah explains the real reason for antisemitism – but we will not explore it now.)

Let’s take Hitler’s reason’s for hatred:

Jews Give World a Conscience
A conscience is having thoughts about the validity or propriety on one’s actions before and after the act.

Is it good to have a conscience or not?

Apparently it is good. It prevents many from doing crimes – from stealing and doing other bad. Look at people in prisons, people who committed crimes, people who stole, people who committed adultery. Most are miserable for the acts they committed. Some broke families. Some destroyed other people’s lives. Some destroyed their own lives.

So is it better to have a conscience and not commit crimes or not to have a conscience?

It is better to have one.

Thus, Jews are providing a tremendous “service” to humanity by helping people have a conscience.

Would the average person live in a world of lawlessness or a world of mutual respect and morality?

Jews Champion the Quest for Perfection
People searching to perfect themselves experience new vistas in life. We become renewed and rejuvenated and do good to others and the world.

So – the Quest for Perfection – is it good or bad for the world?

The Quest for perfection is good for humanity.

The Revelation
The hatred for the Jews reveals the Chosen status of the Jews. To understand the concept of being Chosen, one must reflect. It means that the Jews have a certain responsibility to uphold the values of the world. If we give people a conscience, we are achieving our purpose.

Hitler was bothered by the Jews because they gave the world a conscience. Indirectly antisemitism is an admission to the fact that the Jews’ existence makes people have a conscience. It is admission to the Chosen status of the Jews. Hitler did not complain about any other people giving people a conscience. Many people would rather live life without thinking of the consequences.

The problem is – is it better to feel badly before doing the act one wants to do and not to do it. Or is it better to do a bad act and live with the consequences of the act for the rest of one’s life. Hitler made a negative out of a positive attribute. Unfortunately, many fell for it because they wanted to believe the bad.

The honest person who does have an animosity towards the Jews – would be better off confronting it and trying to understand the purpose of the Jewish people. One way is to learn about the Noahide laws for all people – Jews and Non-Jews – given to Moses for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Jews also teach people that you can always start over. So even though we give people a conscience to teach people to not do bad. We also teach them if they did the bad – there is a way for sincere repentance.

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