Why Burn Soul’s Future? Say No to Cremation

fire2The Torah is the Divine Guide given to man to conduct himself properly and gain the maximum from life. Have a dilemma? A Question on Ethics? A question on proper conduct? The Torah provides the answer that G-d approves of – He wrote it and gave it to man 3,300 years ago – for us to maximize our potential in life.

What does the Torah say regarding cremation?

The Soul sees after it leaves the earth. It experiences tremendous pain when it sees it’s former body burning.

There are 13 Principles of Fact that a Jew Should Believe that were compiled by the RamBam (Maimonides). (We offer a free card – the Happiness card – that lists them – see Freebies Section). A Person who has creation denies one of them – that the dead will be resurrected. Since they believe that they will not be resurrected – they create their version of reality – and they thus will not be resurrected.

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