Tired of Technology. Take a Break & Improve Family Ties.

cellfishtankSometimes I forget my cell phone. After the initial momentary feeling of being upset, I think “Wow. I am alone. No one can reach me. I am free from phone calls. I am free.”

Yes, a cell phone has become a necessity today. Yet, going without one can be exhilarating. Like going without a TV, a computer and just connecting with friends and family face to face. Enjoying nature – without being interrupted by a cold caller.

A study found that social services – like facebook doesn’t make a person happier. But more surprisingly, it doesn’t relieve loneliness either.

Just good old company and doing a good job at work will make a person happier.

Not so surprising.

One idea for better family relations is to turn of the TV. Many children go off the proper path because a mother is more attuned to the TV than to the children & their physical and emotional needs. And their father is busy with the computer, cell phone or ipad or not at home at all, working late.

I find it inappropriate when a guest comes over – and the host is more interested in the TV program than the guest. I would suggest turning off TV when a guest comes over and even more so when the child comes home. Imagine what a child feels – that technology is more important than them.

I heard that some people have a cell phone basket. When they come home all phones are put in this basket to be able to concentrate on family ties.

Some who go out to restaurants put their cellphones in the middle of the table. The first to answer their cell phone must pay the bill.

Jewish people have a gift called the Shabbat / the Sabbath. We put away all technology. No cell phones, TV, computers. We eat together – without interruptions.

Just plain quality time to enjoy family, friends and G-d.

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