Planet Nibiru and the Secret Sources of Jewish Information

navymapNibiru is a Planet that orbits around the sun. It was discovered recently by a team of astronomers – at the California Institute of Technology. They announced that they have found new evidence of an icy planet lurking in the darkness of our solar system. Far beyond the orbit of Pluto, “Planet Nine” is the name they gave it” Some Call Nibiru Planet X (X = 10 in Roman Numerals)- because previously Pluto was considered the 9th planet. Now that they demoted Poor Pluto from planet status – they call it Planet Nine.

Published in the Astronomical Journal, their paper, estimates the planet’s mass as five to 10 times that of the Earth. But the authors, astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin, have not observed the planet directly. They derived it by observing discrepancies in other planets orbits. Some Estimate its orbit around the sun to be about 3,600 years, others say it may take 20,000 years.

I guess they are going to teach young kids – “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Me Nine Noodles” – for the Order of the planets.

The Cover-Up

Some claim this is planet the mysterious Nibiru, that is shrouded in secrecy. Apparently NASA has known about it for many years but has been denying the existence. They are afraid if people know about the negative effects it may cause, people may panic. Some important people in the government already prepared bunkers for the arrival. They say that if this planet gets too close to the earth the gravitational pull may cause massive flooding. In the worst case scenario – they say some of the states may be completely flooded. They say the safest place to be will be the Land of Israel.

In any case it would make sense to keep a two week supply of food in the house and make plans to follow the 7 Noahide laws and move to Israel – for at least the time that flooding will subside. Pure Speculation, but possible is that this is the star that passed by the earth in the time of Noah – that caused massive flooding. Possible? If this is the case the orbit will probably be around (Current Hebrew Year 5776 – Year of Flood 1696 = 4,080 years)

The Jewish Sources of Information

Once President George Bush asked the CIA how the Jews have access to top secret information before others. They answered, they go to the outside of the synagogue and talk about latest events. George Bush decided to disguise himself as a Hassidic Jew to verify this. Dressed with a beard and side locks he turned to a congregant and asked – “What is the latest news?” The man answered non chalantly “President Bush is among us.”

A person connected to Torah has access to information that the average person does not. Why? Because the Torah was written by G-d and contains all information. Like it says in Pirkei Avot “Turn it and Turn it, because all is in it [the Torah]”

Some say I believe what I see. That limits knowledge to things visible to the eye. Radio waves are not visible to the eye. Yet we know they exist.

The scope of Jewish knowledge is greater – for it takes into account – the spiritual dimension. It takes into account G-d’s total knowledge as written in Torah – which includes prophecy and Torah codes. Near-Death experiences & “Facilitated Communication” with Autists.

The Torah Itself
The Torah, – which includes the Tanach, Talmud, Midrashim, the Zohar – reveals secrets that are not known to or cannot be derived by man. Aish HaTorah – has a seminar – the Discovery Seminar – that shows how spies verify if a message they received is truth. They put a message through several tests. At Aish they put the Torah through those tests. One of the methods of verifying the Truth of a message is to show that the information contained therein is true. The Torah says that All Fish that have scales have fins. A scientist would never venture to say this – because if they found a fish with scales and no fins – he would lose his reputation. The Torah says it. Till today no one found a fish with scales and no fins.


A Book came out about 15 years ago called the “Secrets of the Soul.” It talks about a method of communication with autistic people – called Facilitated Communication – discovered by a university professor. When they used this form of communication – with certain autistic people – they discovered that they are highly intelligent and connected to the other world. There is a whole site on the messages that these people give. Recently, they gave a message about Nibiru. They say that it may cause great flooding – confirming what Nasa scientists have known about for years.

Torah Codes

The Torah Codes are encoded information found in the Torah. It works like this: Take a letter skip every certain number of letters – and you will find a word. This is called Equidistant Letter Skip (ELS). Using Torah Codes researchers found names of contemporary Rabbis next to their date of Birth or death. And many other recent events. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson – Versed in Torah, Science and Codes- found codes of Nibiru and Elenin in the Torah. Elenin – is a comet. Some words close to it he found are “comet”, “star”. It is found near the the verse talking about “When it will be painful for you and all these things will occur at the end of time and you leave from the good path…”

Near-Death Experience
In Judaism we believe in the after-life. The soul comes to this earth in the clothes of a body – to acquire merit to be able to live a greater – eternal life as a soul. This is the world where one can inherit merits – only through the doing of the Mitzvot and good deeds. Gentiles do their 7 Noahide laws and Jewish people do the 613 commandments.

The next world is the world of truth – because it is clear there that Hash-m, the G-d that revealed himself in the national revelation to the Jews, is the true G-d.

Recently, a 15 Year old boy had a near death experience and tells of what he saw in heaven. He says that the world nations will come to Israel for some reason – and then they will try to take it over.

The Torah tells of what will happen in the future. These have been very accurate. They spoke about the Gulf War and missiles being shot against Israel and shot down – like in Operation Defensive Edge. One in the Zohar talks about the 9/11 Terrorist Attack against the US. One speaks of the war go Gog ou Magog – which is basically World War III.

Spirit of Holiness
Holy people, who guard their eyes and learn Torah – are sometimes privy to information that is not known to the public.

Once a man was driving in Lakewood, New Jersey. Two old men walked into the road in front of him. He killed them by a No-fault accident. He still felt guilty, so he wrote a letter to a great Rabbi in Israel asking what he can do to atone for this accidental killing. The rabbi wrote back one word. “Amalek” Amalek is the enemy of the Jews that wants to annihilate the Sonei Yisrael. He looked into the matter and found that those two people he killed were Nazis in Hiding.

Rabbis suggest that everyone has a one to two week supply of food at home just in case.

Apparently Nibiru could cause havoc. Apparently people can avoid its devastating effects. Just like in the flood of Noah, if people repented the last minute – G-d would have nullified the flood – apparently we too have a choice to avoid the effects of Nibiru by Repentance according to Torah and doing good deeds.

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