Grab the Bottle from the Baby – Aren’t You Sweet?

MP900337279In the first Mishna of Talmud Tractate Succot it says that a Succah that is higher than 20 Amot (One Ama = about 1 1/2 to 2 feet) is not Kosher.

One reason given why this is so is that:

If a Succah is higher than 20 Amot (About 30 – 40 feet) one does not recognize that one is in a Succah – because the ceiling is too high to feel you are inside.

Another is that : One Must be in the shade of the Schach (the earth grown Succah roof), not in the shade of the walls. If it is higher than 20 Amot one is no longer in the shade of the Schach but in the shade or the walls.

A third is that : The Succah must be a temporary dwelling. If you build a succah higher than 20 Amot, you must use materials that will make it permanent. Temporary materials will not be able to withstand such a high structure.

Apparently we can learn three principles of Judaism from these reasons

If we take the wals to represent this materialistic world and the Schach (the natural, earth grown roof) to represent G-d’s contribution in our lives we can learn:

1. To live properly in this world, we are enjoined to recognize G-d’s hand in our lives on a daily basis. This is one of the first Halachot (Jewish Laws) in the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch) – regarding Daily conduct of a Jew (Orach Haim). It says “Shiviti Hash-m leNegdi Tamid” / “I place G-d before me consistently” is a great principle in the Torah.

2. A second lesson – is to recognize the good that G-d provides for us daily. Appreciating all the good of G-d will allow us to develop a greater relationship with Him.

3. Thirdly, we learn that we are only on a temporary journey in this world. When we instill in ourselves that we will one day return to heaven – we will be more careful about our actions.

If we look at the good in every situation, our lives would change immensely for the better.

Grab a bottle from a baby and he will likely cry.


He loves his milk.

He didn’t know that the milk went sour.

But the loving parent knew. So he grabbed it away.

But the baby didn’t.

We just have to remember we have a loving father that watches over us.

We don’t always understand the why in life.

Suffice to know, that our loving father knows why what happens to us is good.

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