You Are Special Card

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You Are Special Card

Contains 34 reasons that give you hope and purpose in life. Even when you are feeling down, you can pick yourself up.

You Are Special–Torah Outlook to Live/Self-worth,Love,Coping,Active Good בס'ד

1. You are Unique -There never was & never will be a person exactly like you in the world. You make a difference in world. Appreciate & Believe in yourself.
2. You Have Specific Purpose in the World that only you-w/your qualities & personality can achieve (Path of Just-ch1) World was made for you
3. Hash·m Has Faith in You – that you can do any Mitzvah -Modeh Ani. You have great potential to do good.
4. Part of Chosen People-You are child of Hash·m, the King, making you a Prince(ss).
5. Think Positive! Your Self-Worth is Determined by Your Goodness- Quickly Remove Negativety. Improve daily - it's in your control -& improve your own self-esteem.
6. You Are Judged for Effort You Make - more than results. More effort-more reward. If on road to improve you’re a new person. You're always succesful if you try!
7. You Can Always Do Teshuva (repent) – for past & will be forgiven by G·d for any sin with sincere teshuva. Done for love of G·d–sins become Mitzvas.

8. Hash·m (G·d) Loves You more than anyone in the world & He is in control. He wants you healthy.
9. Hash·m Is Good & always does good for us even if we don't understand now. A Problem is opportunity in disguise. Believe He’s doing good for you now & He’ll do good for you in future & solves any problem.
10. You Are Happy When You Are You. You are your soul. Happy is soul when pleased w/ pleasures compatible w/Torah. Sins sadden it.
11. The Greatest Pleasure is Having a Close Relationship with Hash·m, achieved through Torah study & Mitzvot. Difficulties arise at times to become closer with Him. Make effort & solve problems. Do good & feel good.
12. People Can Help You achieve, overcome challenges & enjoy relationships. Reach out. Improve observance to be matched w/better mate
13. Listen to Positive & Forgive Others
14. Love Yourself – for yourself. Challenges help you grow.

15. Believe it will be good & it will be good
16. There's Always Hope –w/sincere prayer
17. Things Can Change for Better in a second
18. Also This Will Pass – know it will pass.
19. Power of Heartfelt Prayer–changes decrees
20. Learning Torah Soothes the Soul
21. Recite Tehillim/Psalms- for respite & healing
22. Do Mitzvot to Bring Light to Life
23. Insults & Pain are for a Purpose & cleanse soul from greater suffering & bring you closer to Hash·m. Bring yourself up, not others down.
24. All Loses are Retrievable – money can be made back, life extended, friends remade
25. Afterlife Exists–one receives great reward for good done in life & sees lost relatives
26. Don't Worry–Past has passed, future is unknown & present passes in blink of eye. G·d gives only what you can handle
27. It is a Mitzvah to be Happy & G·d wants you to be Happy & to Enjoy Life. Smile 🙂

28. A Mitzvah You Do Lasts Forever. You achieve your purpose only through them.
29. Doing Good for & Seeing Good in Others satisfies you. Torah Study unlocks your Potential.
30. Focus on Giving rather than what you are lacking to improve your outlook. Give & Forgive
31. Emulate Hash·m in His attributes & by doing kindness. (Tomer Devora, Orchot Tzadikim)
32. Being Happy With What You Have makes you wealthy (Avot 4:1). Be Happy! Prefer happiness to being 'right'.
33. Learning Torah & doing Mitzvot give one unimaginable reward & joy to soul. Set time 4 Lrng.
34. With Prayer & Proper Effort you will be able to achieve whatever you want. Reach out
35. G·d Runs World Measure for Measure - Do good & receive good. Speak well of others & be judged favorably. Make peace & live peaceably. Forgive & Be Forgiven By G·d.
36. Every Day is a New Beginning Even good fail, but get up. Improve daily & Improve Lot. / 718.962.4872 /


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