The Loving Jewish Mother Card

Has 8 Points by the Steipeler Gaon, zt"l on How through Jewish Spirituality a mother can help her child be successful.

The Loving Mother Card - By the Steipeler - R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky - “There is no Fate in Educating Children”
The Education of the Children depends upon that which the mother does. [Like] When the mother acquiesces to her husband even in privacy & does not comment.
Children, raised in a home that the mother davens / prays [the tefilla / prayer] word for word, understand the Gemara / Talmud & Mishna better than any other child!
Children, raised in a home that the mother recites each Berakha / Blessing (ie, on food, morning blessings, etc) slowly & calmly – they have better character traits & less h’utzpa / arrogance.
A mother that prays each day & lifts her eyes to Heaven (to Hash·m), her children are more successful than other children.

Children, raised in a home that the mother acquiesces to her husband & does not comment, have good middot / character traits & a higher level of emotional nourishment than any other child.
Greater than any educational tape (audio) in the world is that she recites the blessing of 'Shehakol Nihya Bidvaro' ('that all was [created] with His word' / a blessing on beverages & other foods) that a Jewish mother says aloud in the home.
Children, raised in a house that the mother Says Birkat Hamazon / the Grace After Meals aloud, have protection from illnesses & from road accidents & are greatly shielded in Heaven.
A mother that mentions the Name of Heaven / (Hash·m); Yistabah' Shemo / “Blessed be His Name”; Be'E'zrat Hash·m / “with the help of Hash·m” - each day to her children - there is the grace of Yosef haTzadik (the Righteous - The Son of Jacob) on their faces. - from “Hinukh HaMalkhut” - Education of Royalty


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