The Gratitude Card

My heart is full of הכרת הטוב‎‏ for You.
You Really Helped Me,
When you did that Kindness for me, I felt happier.
May Hash·m Bless you with
all the Good Blessings from the Torah.

Basket of Compliments
I like your handwriting.
You never get angry or annoyed.
You are always first to help whoever needs help.
You are the best kind of friend.
I think you have the best Middos.
You always share snack with me.
You always worry & care so much,
when I'm missing something.
You always care - you always ask me how I'm feeling.
You always like to do Chesed in class.
When I am absent, you always call me up.
When I am sad you always cheer me up.
When you smile at me you make me feel really good inside.
You like to help everyone.
You are always around when I need you.
You have a great attitude, you are positive even when things are hard.
You are good to me.
You are sensitive, and care about my feelings.
You save me a place next to you.
You have a sense of humor.
We grew up together.
We like to do the same things.
You are so smart.
You invite me to your house.
You share your things with me,
You like me and I like you.
You always smile at me
You are very polite.


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