The Derech Eretz / Proper Conduct Card

Derech Eretz / Proper Conduct

General - כבוד הבריאות - ‎We honor everyone‏ ‎who comes our way - Be always sensitive to each others feelings · Treat others the way we want them to treat us · Try to be our very best & Hash·m will help us do the rest · show respect In all we do & say · Respect classmates · Say Good Morning · Middos Tovos · Show Derech Eretz at all times · Say Hello when coming home · Behave with siblings · Say Good Night · Say Thank You · Say Good-Bye · Give Tzedakah · bikur holim · ‏Greet a person with a smile when you meet them · Think you are AN IMPORTANT PERSON!!!
Respect for Property - ‏כבוד לרכוש - Respect for Property · take care of our earth and all living things · Take care with other peoples things ·
Appreciation - When saying Modim in Amida, did you feel thankful to Hash·m for all the good that He bestows upon you?
When your father or mother refused to give you something you wanted badly did you accept their decision courteously & happily?


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