Menorah / Divine Protection (Business Card)

Has Tehillim in Form of Menorah. Good for Divine Protection and to Keep on Dashboard of Automobile.
King David had this Menorah on his Shield.

- Tefilat HaDerech / Wayfarer's Prayer is in Hebrew, Transliteration & English

- Tehillim 91 & 121 are in Hebrew

The Menorah

Extract of all the qualifications to be reciting Tehillim 67 - Lamnatzeah' BiNginot / Psalm 67 / "A Song of the conductor" in Hebrew in the shape of Menorah - with the Menorah held Upright

A. It has many virtues, such as King David would go to war would defeat the enemy and they would fall in before him

B. Find favor and grace in the eyes of G-d and man.

C. Protect from bad decrees on the congregation.

D. No bad decree will occur to him.

E. Read Upright, It is Considered before G-d "as if he lights candles in the temple.

F. He is Guaranteed a place next world.

G. No harm will occur to him in the entire year.

H. He will be successful in his actions

I. He will have peace and success.

J. Life will be added on those who hold (of doing) it.

K. In its merit they will merit to greet the candle of the Messiah.

L. Saves him from the judgment of purgatory

M. It protects and shelters
Note : These benefits accrue to those who read it in the shape of the Menorah (in Hebrew) Upright daily. Usually one reads it from a parchment written by a Sofer / Torah Scribe. It is possible that these benefits occur for those who read it from a Menorah on paper. The menorah was on David's Shield – so either you could say that it was written on a parhment and stuck to the back of his shield (thus one should read it on the parchment) or it was engraved on his metal shield (and thus one could get the benefit even if it is not written on parchment.)

Shiviti / Menorah – For Protection & To Guard from Aveiras / Transgression. King David Had this Menorah inscribed on his shield. When focused on, he received divine protection. Tefilat HaDerech – the wayfarers prayer - the Tefilat / prayer recited before a big trip for protection during travel. Shiviti is also a protection (I put it in my car in front of me).


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